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"This is a MUST source of resources for any musician trying to get the word out about his/her music!"
- Roy Harper, Outer Shell Magazine

"I am very impressed! The sheer quantity of contacts throughout the world is amazing!"
- John Waterman, Bandit Newsletter

"Thanks for the copy of the Indie Bible. It's a great resource! I'm proud and thrilled to be a small part of it."
- Richard Tuttell, author of 'Band and Press Kit Essentials'

"I was looking through The Indie Bible again last night and I have to tell you how big a fan I am of it! I think it should be a necessary acquisition for every indie band looking to get their music out there."
- Carolyn Ballen, The Indie Music Forum



Web Sites/Publications that Review Indie Music

The 1st section contains resources that will consider your music for review. This includes various music magazines, web zines and alternative weeklies. Total: 4000

Radio Stations that Play Independent Music

The 2nd section lists radio stations worldwide that will consider your music for air play. This includes college, public, Internet and micro stations, and some commercial stations that have shows that cater to local or Independent artists. Total: 3200

Vendors that Sell Indie Music Over the Internet

The 3rd section is a list of services that will help you to sell your CD. The financial arrangements vary from vendor to vendor - from free to very expensive. I suggest that you visit them all to see which companies you get a good feeling from. Total: 500

Web Sites that Upload/Play Independent Music and Videos

The 4th section contains a list of web sites where you can upload audio and video files in order to promote your music to visitors of that site. Many of these are free sites, but there are some that charge a fee as well. Total: 200

Misc. Exposure Web Sites

The 5th section contains a wide range of various resources that can help you to further promote your music.
Total: 500

Music-Related Articles

The 6th section contains various articles written by experts in the music industry to help you succeed in your journey. Total: 52



Click here to find out more about all 4 music directories and save big!

All Styles Covered:

Pop Rock
Indie Rock Punk
All Metals Ska
Women in Music oi
Industrial emo
Experimental Goth
Ambient Noise
Electronic Dance
Hip Hop Rap
Soul Jazz
Country Blues
Bluegrass Roots
New Age Folk
Christian World
Classical Latin
Plus a HUGE new Local Music Section!!
International Contacts In:
5300 USA

475 Canada

550 UK

400 Australia
117 Germany

61 Sweden

66 France
24 Italy

31 The Netherlands

47 South America

23 Asia



South Africa
New Zealand

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  This is the most valuable tool I could ever have imagined for breaking into this market. 'Bible' is an understatement. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"
- Shanynn Raigh, Recording Artist

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