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"Several months ago my husband and I bought your Indie Bible online and I have to say it has been fantastic. My husband's CD is being played all over Europe right now and has become very popular. "
- Sally Rodgers, Songwriter

"I just bought your "Indie Bible" and am very impressed by how well you have tackled this Herculean - nay, Sisyphean task!"
- Jonathan Kochmer, Amazon.com

"I receive many packages from female musicians saying that The Indie Bible was where they found my site. Quite a few mention how great a reference The Indie Bible was for them in promoting their music, and I have seen these musicians featured in other women-related websites featured in The Indie Bible. I'm always open to receiving material from those who have read The Indie Bible, as they often follow the advice on how to submit music to publications within the book."
- Ms. World, GirlMedia.Com



As every musician knows, categorizing music is a necessary exercise that society demands. I have done my very best to categorize the contacts in The Indie Bible as to not offend anyone. The sections are based upon the "primary" musical style that each site lists as their preference.

There is a large amount of genre "bleeding" from section to section. This means that if you are in a punk band, you will not only find sites that cater to your needs in the "Punk" sections, but you will also find a number of sites that welcome your style of music in the "Metal" and "Mainstream" sections. You can even find some sites that welcome punk music in the "Experimental" sections.

This crossover is especially true with the "Mainstream" radio stations. The majority of the stations listed in the "Mainstream" sections are college or university stations that have a show catering to EVERY style of music (Country, Hip Hop, Death Metal, Goth, Pop, Jazz, Industrial etc).


Click here to find out more about all 4 music directories and save big!


All Styles Covered:
Pop Rock
Indie Rock Punk
All Metals Ska
Women in Music oi
Industrial Emo
Experimental Goth
Ambient Noise
Electronic Dance
Hip Hop Rap
Soul Jazz
Country Blues
Bluegrass Roots
New Age Folk
Christian World
Classical Latin
Plus a HUGE new Local Music Section!!

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