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Previous Versions Sold in stores at The Guitar Center, Borders, Barnes & Noble, Sam Ash, Towers and Virgin Records (in Canada at Long & McQuade)

"The Indie Bible is one of the greatest publications to ever hit the streets. It helps out any band in dire need of exposure."
- Performance Online

"I just got your book and I love it!"
- Carla Hall, Author of "How to Create a Press Kit

"The Indie Bible is an awesome resource. Hats off to you for undertaking such a GIGANTIC project!"
- In Perpetual Motion Internet Radio

"My expectations were quite high; I had read on more than one website that this was the definitive source guide for independent musicians and I expected a monumental work worthy of such lofty praise. I was not disappointed."
- Jef Peace, Peacework Music

"This is the ONLY book you need!!"
- Jenn London, Recording Artist


The Indie Bible was born out of the frustration I experienced as I attempted to find places to promote my first CD. What I needed was an up-to-date list of radio stations and publications that were willing to accept Independent music, but there were none to be found.

The First Edition ended up being a photocopied spiral bound book with a plain white cover. Even though its appearance was unimpressive, the feedback from that first edition from those that purchased the book was absolutely amazing!

Now in its Fourth Edition, thanks to your continued support, the Indie Bible continues to grow! It still remains as the only resource totally dedicated to "recording" musicians, singers and songwriters.

All 8000 contacts in the Fourth Edition belong in one of the following categories:

  • Publications that will REVIEW your CD
  • Radio Stations/Shows that will PLAY your songs
  • Vendors/Services that will help you to SELL your music
  • Websites where you can UPLOAD your MP3 and Video files
  • Websites where you can find helpful resources to help gain exposure for you and your music


All Styles Covered:
Pop Rock
Indie Rock Punk
All Metals Ska
Women in Music oi
Industrial emo
Experimental Goth
Ambient Noise
Electronic Dance
Hip Hop Rap
Soul Jazz
Country Blues
Bluegrass Roots
Reggae Folk
Christian World
Classical Latin
Plus a HUGE new Local Music Section!!

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