Aiding & Abetting
Reviews, web links, label contact info, release dates and other useful information.
We place an editorial emphasis on indie artists and labels and try to promote their efforts at every chance.
We place an editorial emphasis on indie artists and labels and try to promote their efforts at every chance.

Altar Native
Omar Perez
We review indie music and also feature bands in our Local Native section, which covers the local music scenes of various areas around the United States.

Alternate Music Press (AMP)
An online music magazine covering acoustic, ambient, bluegrass,blues,Celtic, classical,electronic,folk, jazz, fusion , new age, world music, trance, which features streaming audio,hundreds of reviews, interviews,articles, daily music news, and a lot more.

Alternative Addiction
You have found your internet source for the best new Alternative/Modern rock. Everything you need to feed your Alternative Addiction is here!

American Songwriter
Reporting on the craft and business of songwriting. Includes interviews, writing tips, industry news, reviews, lyric contest and more.
A leading music portal featuring music reviews, software, and hardware reviews, music news, and links to the hottest independent artists on the 'web.

A bi-monthly, internationally distributed publication devoted primarily to the pop, melodic rock, and roots rock musical genres. Amplifier has become a recognized source of all that's melodic and rocks.

The Angry Thoreauan

Anti-Elitist Audio Zine
We are moving to a short weekly band feature rather than the huge quarterly 'zine.

Armchair Reviews
A place for amateur music critics to publish opinions about music they are excited about. Music that might not be mainstream, but deserves recognition and word-of-mouth promotion.

Atomic Chaser
"The Atomic Chaser", had everything I wanted to hear in rock and roll music. Melodic yet possessing a hard metallica edge.
The web's best portal for discovery and discussion of under-appreciated artists. Reviews, sound samples, bios, discographies, tour dates and links.
Bands that are included in the index are hand-picked by the staff, and only the ones that we feel fit the focus of our site are included. If you would like us to consider your band for inclusion in our index, please send a press kit including an audio sample of your band to our address on the contact page.

We review anything, anyone, anywhere, and any place we feel like reviewing. We welcome recordings (and everything else) from major labels and independent labels, as well as individual artists and bands ...but we will actually review just about anything that is sent our way.

Each week we'll post 5 new reviews of songs in the MP3 format. Demos are also reviewed for Band of the Week honors.

An online magazine devoted to quality rock and roll writing. Not your typical fare in that we provide more interesting analysis and interviews than most because we believe that the way you write about music ought to be as interesting as the music itself.

Basement Life Online Magazine
Mike Conklin
Read about, listen to, and buy the best new records.

Bass Frontiers
We publish more than a dozen new products, CD's, book and video reviews, entertaining articles and stories by a wide variety of industry professionals, and always loads of lessons and features.


Beautiful Decay
We want to review your band in one of our future issues.

Beyond The Scene
We are dedicated to bands as our primary focus when adding things to this Zine. We feel that focusing on the band itself is most important since they are the primary reason for our being.

Big Orange Crayon
An indie pop/rock zine run by a kid named Nick.

Big Takeover
It's an unbelievably huge publication that checks in at over 270 pages. The monster-sized music review section sustains itself across 100 pages. It's packed with bands you've never heard of.
If your band has released a CD or cassette and you need press, we can help you out! is always looking for new music to review, and we'll take every submission into consideration for a feature review.

blue coupe
All of the CDs we review and the artists we interview are chosen because one of our writers or editors had a strong interest in the subject or the person. We approach all of this with a very real passion. We're certainly open to interviewing you about your music.

A multimedia e-zine that publishes the works of independant artists.
We are basically six college students that love music. We are located in six different states; all with totally different music scenes. Basically what we want to do is support labels and bands that we like through promotion. Anything you would like to send us would gladly be reviewed.

Music, interviews, comics, reviews.Updated every week!

The Buchtelite
The University of Akron student newspaper. The Buchtelite circulates 15k copies 2 times a week. We traditonally cover a lot of indie/underground music.

We offer you more than something you can see on a screen. We have realized that it can't even be defined at this point in the game, not even by it's perplexed, yet delighted creators. It has now become its own living, breathing, manipulative being. We are the Doctor Frankensteins of the 21st century.
Online Entertainment magazine with exclusive interviews, concert reviews and pictures and up-to-date news.

An irregularly published forum for independent and underground music designed to get the word out on obscure, evasive, and talented artists from many genres.

CD E.T.A. Music 101 Program
An innovative resource that helps artists take their music to the next level. Need a second opinion on your music? Our free professional reviews are back! Detailed reviews that make sense and give you direction to help you perfect your music.
The Indie Bible - 5th Edition

  This is the most valuable tool I could ever have imagined for breaking into this market. 'Bible' is an understatement. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"
- Shanynn Raigh, Recording Artist

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