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Reviews of the Indie Bible:

"THANK YOU - thanks for all your help in this cold, hard, corporate music world. You rock! "
- Mia, KimRock.com

"We believe that The Indie Bible is the most comprehensive & useful tool that is available to the independent artist & industry person alike. Thanks for all of your work & integrity in providing this service!"
- Leigh Silberg, United Global Artists

"The book is 'showing me the way' You are awesome! "
- Katrina, Recording Artist

"David, I just think you did an extraordinary job in what must have been a nightmare. It's an INCREDIBLE buy! You could get lots more for the effort. Lots more! It is a TRUE resource for the small, struggling indie label/musician. A TRUE resource!"
- Dixon DeVore, Cricket Power Records


The Circular Cosmic Spot

Honestly there's not a lot that hasn't already been said about The Indie Bible. There isn't a single negative review about this book to be found anywhere on the planet, at least as far as I've seen. Here's my crack at it.

The bulk of the book is dedicated to listing outlets and resources for various genres of music. No matter what style, be it mainstream or the most far-out niche, this book packs a punch.

Cool thing is if your style doesn't fit, there's probably a close match. Still no luck? there's listings for all styles. If what you're producing still doesn't fit, send it to me because I've gotta hear it.

There's an extremely helpful "Section Six: Articles that will Help you to Succeed in the Music Business." 39 articles from industry folks that pretty much guide you through all the ins and outs of being a playa in tha' biz.

I mean, here's the beef, people. If this was a hamburger you could get at McDonalds, I'd be the 12-Pound Triple Stack Combo. The ins and outs of the biz, from soup to nuts. The only shortcoming is that the lyrics for 'Show Business' by A Tribe Called Quest are nowhere to be found.

As a reviewer I can vouch for the advice in the "Getting Your Music Reviewed" section. Christ if only a tiny fraction of the submitters to my site read the advice in this section I'd be one happy hombre. Please. For my sanity.

Keith Hannaleck nails it on the head with his article "What A Reviewer Wants From An Artist." Believe me, an ounce of common-sense professionalism and common courtesy go one hell of a long way.

Some of my big pet-peeves are those mailers that have the shredded old bits of fabric and lint for packing material. No matter how you open it the stuff gets all over the place. I also enjoy when the material just barely fits in the envelope and I tear through it when I open the package. And please, PLEASE if you're going to send me a CD of material that you've burned yourself, encode the track titles in the song files. And don't use a marker to label a store-brought CD-ROM. I love that.

But I digress. Give your hard work a decent chance and follow the advice in the book. It's the best $25 investment an indie musician can make. Get The Indie Bible before the Mackie, before the Tascam, and way before the bulk blank CD-ROM's.

- Art Grauer

Music Dish

"The Indie Bible is now in its third publication. David Wimble continues to improve his publication by offering the artist every possible viable contact in Independent music, over 6000 to be exact. This new version is expanded to include 33 articles by some of the most respected people in the industry. Each article offers advice and guidance in literally every aspect of marketing your music. Including several online resources, this book is now available in major music stores and bookstores in the U.S. and Canada. Also new to this edition are the inclusions of listings for Women In Music, Christian Music, New Age, and Goth/Industrial. An added bonus is another new section covering both Music and Radio Promoters.

I am impressed with the continual research and development of this publication. Wimble has kept his focus and his passion on the right path. His obvious concern for the independent artist is his driving force. Having personally traveled down the road of the musician has helped David to get an insiders view to the wrongs and rights of marketing your product. There is nothing more powerful than personal experience to understand a subject matter. He has rapidly become a crackerjack writer, editor and researcher.

If you are an artist in need of one book to cover every aspect of music and marketing it properly, this an experts guide to doing so. The book also offers prime advertising space for music related companies and their products and releases. You will notice several artists have taken advantage of one-page ads to promote their latest releases. Considering the now vast circulation of this publication in traditional and digital formats, advertisement just doesnít get any better. So whatever your focus or need is this fantastic publication has an answer for you.

The success of this publication is evident, as each successive publication has gotten more diverse and voluminous. You can now stop your long and arduous search for answers to your questions, they can all be found in this comprehensive resource guide.

Highlights: The Indie Bible shows you where to get your music reviewed, your songs played, and your CDs sold. Now in it's third edition, The Indie Bible is 320 pages of contacts and music-related articles.
* 2700 Radio Station/Shows
* 2300 Music Review Publications
* 440 CD Vendors/Promoters
* 340 MP3 Sites
* 300 Misc. Resources
* 6100 Total Contacts
* Plus 33 Music-Related Articles"

- Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck

The Muse's Muse
"WOW is all I can say. Well....I guess I have to say more than "Wow" or you're not going to get much out of this review, are you. ;-) Here's the thing: This is an absolutely priceless resource for indie musicians. If you want your music reviewed, on the radio, *heard*, THIS is the resource you need to have. It's not going to tell you "how" but it will *certainly* tell you "who". Everybody is in here. And I do mean *everybody* (yup. The Muse's Muse too!). David has listed everyone's name and e-mail addresses where applicable, along with their urls. Why only urls, you ask? Because by going to that url, you can likely locate all the latest contact information and those things change pretty quickly. Trying to keep up with that would be an impossible task. Still, there's a lot that needs to be kept up with anyway. Because of that, two or three issues come out per year with updated information that David himself and the readers who use his bible, find out about. There are five sections: reviewers of independent music, radio stations that are willing to play independent music, services that will help you sell your music over the internet, sites that will allow you to upload music files, and sites that will allow you to upload information about your band for FREE. Each section is divided into genre, then by geographical location. It's enormously useful and should save you hours and hours of trawling the net only to find dead links and information that doesn't apply to you at all. The Indie Bible is a great tool and one I highly recommend you pick up in order to compliment your other music marketing techniques."

- Jodi Krangle

The Global Muse
"I recently received a promotional copy of this amazing book, and was simply blown away at the amount of information that it contains. I've been hearing about it for some time now, but never actually seen first hand how impressive this book really is, until now. Honestly, I wish that I had a tool like this when I was an indie artists. Just about every website, radio station, and magazine that supports independent music can be found in this one book. Not only that, it also has some great articles from music professionals, (like myself), of whom are some of the most respected folks in the business. This is what you'll get: 2300 publications that will review your music, 2700 radio stations that will play your music, and 440 services that will help you sell your music. David Wimble, the editor of this great resource, has spent endless hours doing the research for you. All you have to do is buy the book, and get started using it.

If you want to truly maximize your exposure on the web and in the real world, then I have a book for you. If you are truly a serious artist/band, who truly wants everything that the web and real world will allow you, then read these reviews and buy this book! If you don't own this book, if you don't use this book, then you obviously do not want much from your music career. It's that simple."

- Michael Allison

"David Wimble (Big Meteor Publishing) has published the third edition of "The Indie Bible," perhaps the most complete guide for independent musicians aiming to get their music reviewed, listened to, played on the radio, sold, and downloaded. With over 6,000 contacts arranged by category, those hell-bent on success are sure to find new and interesting resources in their quest. Buying a copy won't guarantee a gold record, but it will give those willing to devote time and energy to promotion numerous ideas and outlets for exposure. It also serves as an excellent resource for anyone that is directly related to helping bands and artists gain exposure, like promoters and labels. "

- Christopher Grotke

The Music Biz Academy
"If you're a serious musician seeking contacts for promoting your music, there are two ways to go - you can scour the internet searching for the occassional contact database which may or may not be complete and up-to-date, or you can get yourself a copy of the comprehensive Indie Contact Bible. It's all here - radio stations, people to review your CD, online CD resellers and vendors - pretty much everything you need to start making phone calls. Oh, and no need to guess whether or not that radio station is looking for music - the only stations listed in here are those actively seeking new talent. No matter where you are in the world (this is an INTERNATIONAL contact list) you'll find useful contacts ready and willing to give your music a listen. A very handy, and attractive tool for the working musicians library."

- David Nevue

"David Wimble is a musician, composer of songs, and the author of the authorative reference guide, "The Indie Bible." Wimble knows from personal experience as an Indie artist how difficult it is to market oneself and their product. He decided to take action and make this happen, rather than wait for something to happen. Because of his proactive stance and diligence, he has changed hundreds of lives by offering a marvelous multi-faceted resource for anyone involved in independent music.

Wimble spent many months compiling, researching, and sifting through data of every kind to create this literal encyclopedia of contact information. This edition is the second printing. It has listings of 2,100 publications that will review your CD, 1,600 radio stations that will play your music, and 200 online vendors that will sell your music. In addition, Wimble sends out a monthly E-mail newsletter with URL updates and additions, and other interesting news pertaining to the music industry.

This is not only a useful tool; it's a necessity for anyone in the business. I am a writer, and I found it extremely handy to look up websites that cover indie music. There are a lot them, and the very best of the web are found in these pages. So this guide is not limited to the artist looking to market their music, it's a goldmine for the music professional at any level, and the music fan alike.

Even though David is a musician first and foremost, I think with the rise in popularity of this publicationÖ he will go down in the annals of music history as a true folk hero and trailblazer for the independent music industry."

- Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck

Peacework Music
"I received a package from Big Meteor Publishing the other day. Inside was a very attractive 9" by 12" by 5/8" paperback book entitled "The Indie Bible." I had been looking forward to its arrival Because I had heard nothing but good about it.

My expectations were quite high; I had read on more than one website that this was the definitive source guide for independent musicians and I expected a monumental work worthy of such lofty praise. I was not disappointed.

The Indie Bible boasts "2700 radio stations that will play your music," "2300 publictions that will review your music," and "440 Services that will help SELL your CDs." Along with these listings are "33 Articles by Industry Experts That Will IGNITE Your Music career." Okay, so much for the cover, now let's open the book.

BAM! Everything promised is here, but what the cover can't prepare you for is just how easy the guide is to use. Also, it's hard to imagine 2700 radio stations until you actually see the listings . . . page after page of radio stations sorted by genre and country. Man! You've struck GOLD! It just keeps getting better. The listings are quite extensive, offering url's and emails and brief commentary/DESCRIPTIONs.

But that's not all . . .

Remember the "33 Articles by Industry Experts That Will IGNITE Your Music career" . . . yep, they're there, all 33 of 'em and I can almost guarantee if you read them and follow the advice given, you career will, indeed, IGNITE.

"So," you ask, "what do you think of the Indie Bible?" Let me put it this way . . . I don't know how I've gotten as far as I have without it!

The Indie Bible is a PeaceWork Music "MUST READ" . . . buy your copy today, you'll be thanking me just like I'm thanking Editor David Wimble for compiling it . . . not to mention sending it to me. "

- Jef Peace

Cosmik Debris
"Crammed with thousands of listings, contacts, web sites, phone numbers and contact names, The Indie Bible is a massive 9x12 tome that no musician or industry person should be without. By it's nature, any contact or mass marketing list is only as good as its database, and we all know that those change daily. Maintaining thousands of contacts is a daunting task, let alone creating one in the first place, so the thought behind this book is that the musician or publicist can spend less time gathering the information and more time using it. After selecting fifty entries at random, I logged on to the Internet and was pleased to get forty-nine successful hits, which is a strong result. To maintain a high rate of accurate returns, Editor David Wimble, in his introduction, asks that corrections and additions be forwarded to his attention (www.indiebible.com) has a community message board as well as detailed information about the book itself).

The book is separated into different media - radio, magazines, etc. - and then into musical genre within those parameters. Naturally there are entries that span categories, and Wimble has used a judicious eye to make this easy for the reader. Some entries list only a web address, while others have complete contact information and/or a short description of the listing. It appears that the comments were supplied by the person submitting the listings rather than by the Editor, and the book makes no effort to editorialize on the competency or reliability of the specific contacts. While I'm certain any responsible Editor would weed out known fraudulent entities, it's virtually impossible for anyone to maintain that level of information on a go-forward basis. So, buyer beware.

The Indie Bible claims that it lists "2300 publications that will review your music, 2700 radio stations that will play your songs, and 440 services that will help sell your CDs". If I have to be the one to tell you that claims like those are hogwash, you need this book more than I thought. There is no way in Hell that you will get a guaranteed review, or airplay, or distribution, and if you were to press 5000 CDs and cover the radio stations and publications listed, you'd be sorely disappointed at the results, unless you had a plan of action. As a former Artist Manager and booking agent, I can tell you that the number one cause of failure is that the musicians are too inept - or too busy - to handle the business end of "show business". Music styles may change, even the way we do business, but the smart and persistent players will always rise above those who expect the world to ring their doorbell. Here's where the book really shines, with thirty-three excerpts and articles written by industry people that (for the most part) spell out some great ground rules for managing yourself as a player. While a lot of it may be common sense - follow up your calls, always be polite and on time, etc. - you would be amazed how many people fail at the first rung of the ladder. I don't want to turn this into an industry lesson - I'm available for those types of consults elsewhere - but do want to stress that that section of the book alone is worth ten times the cover price if it sinks in.

There are many books on the market for venue, magazine, club and other listings, and depending upon your goals you may need more than one. But in this day and age, if I were an independent musician (or a publicist/manager who worked with one), I'd grab this book in a heartbeat. It's only a starting point, however, and how you use the information (and whom you put your trust in) will ultimately tell the tale. Good luck! "

- Bill Holmes

All Styles Covered:
Pop Rock
Indie Rock Punk
All Metals Ska
Women in Music oi
Industrial Emo
Experimental Goth
Ambient New Age
Electronic Dance
Hip Hop Rap
Soul Jazz
Country Blues
Bluegrass Roots
Reggae Folk
Christian World
Classical Latin
Plus a HUGE new Local Music Section!!
International Contacts In:
6300 USA

475 Canada

550 UK

400 Australia
117 Germany

61 Sweden

66 France
24 Italy

31 The Netherlands

47 South America

23 Asia



South Africa
New Zealand

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"If you are an artist in need of one book to cover every aspect of music and marketing it properly, this an Experts Guide to doing so."
- Keith "MuzikMan" Hanneleck, Music Dish

"The Indie Bible brings the pure spirit of art and music one step closer to surviving among the powerful jaws of corporate envelope pushing. This carefully arranged collection of addresses for musicians is a must for intelligent indies. Why be a slave to labels when David's work can give us long wings instead? His book can help us all sing (in the words of Ani DiFranco): O I'm gonna take the money I make and go away..."
- Bridget Brigitte, singer/songwriter and CEO, BAM Productions

"Congratulate you on providing such a great service to musicians and music-related companies!"
- Greg Mercer, Editor-in-Chief, Punkt Zine

"I have been getting contacted by people who say our radio project has been listed in the Indie Bible. I appreciate this and wanted to thank you. The artists are receiving lots of airplay and are all very happy!"
- Bruce Callow, Radio Host, Costa Rica Radio Show

"You rule! I just checked out a couple of pages and it already looks great!"
- Nick Costanzo, Cave Studio

"I think the Indie Bible kicks ass, so I'd love to get some people to you!"
- Pamela West, Angelfly Records

"Overall your publication looks great and obviously provides a great service."
- Roger Smith, Promoter

"It's a wonderful publication and I am happy to recommend it whole-heartedly to everyone we deal with!"
- Peter Whitehead, The Band Register

"It's great! The articles alone are worth the price."
- Beau Wadsworth, Recording Artist

"I love this book!"
- Billie Joyce, Recording Artist

"Let's face it. the indie artist is a small business owner. The Indie Bible provides the information you need to get your music out there as an industry professional."
- Gigi Swanson, former director of the Music Business program, Musictech College

"It was the best $24 I've ever spent. I have over 120 radio stations around the world asking for my CD!"
- Mark Pfau, Graffiti Thrill

"Your bible blew us away!"
- Lyric Jude, Tuchix Studios

"As an independent, unsigned musician, finding information can be difficult and time consuming. I know. I am one. But the Indie Bible has taken care of most of my beginning research by pulling everything together into one publication. The music industry is changing and more and more independent artists like myself are able to grab a slice of the pie with help from publications like this one. So, whether you are beginning your musical journey or whether you are farther along, this is one of the best books you could ever add to your research library. I know because Iíve used it and it has helped me in more ways than you could imagine! Iíve even begun using it in the classes and workshops I give! Everyone has found the Indie Bible helpful."
- Vicki Logan, President of the Minnesota Assoc. of Songwriters

"I LOVE my Indie Bible!!!"
- Madame Venus, Swamp Bytche

"The Indie Bible is a must have resource to anyone - on any side or level - of the music business."
- Ben McLane, Esq, Music Attorney

" It looks like an incredible resource. Thank you!"
- Bob Sullivan, Skyfin

"It's an excellent compilation of resources for Indies. As a new "bedroom label" we will be getting much use out of it!"
- Kelly McTiernan, Koala Bear Studios

"SoundMag.com has been affiliated with the Indie Bible for nearly four years now and has received much correspondence and new music to share with our visitors and listeners as a result. It's an amazing resource no independent musician or indie music biz should be without!"
- Andie Jones, Editor and Webcast Host

"I really just admire what you are doing with the Indie Bible. It's so helpful, man... for many indie bands. Keep up your hard work dude. Just keep on chooglin."
- Jon Hensley, DarkSide of the Radio Show

"I have my copy & I refer to it every day!"
- Denise Vasquez, Recording Artist

"The Indie Bible is my most often used tool."
- Tracylyn, Good Rain

"You are doing a great job for us musicians. THANKS again! "
- Juliette Esper, Recording Artist

"Thanks for making our lives easier!"
- Johnny Jace, The Ivory Tower Project



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