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About 3000 Records: Back in the Spring of 1996 the company was started as 3000 Records while Terrance was still a student at Western Michigan University. Since then, he finished college, got a few corporate jobs, and eventually ended up working in the industry he enjoys the most, the music industry! He is a also hard working Musician. With his previous full length CD "A Simple Life", and touring around the USA, he has established his own music career. At the same time, he helps other Musicians through the many connections he has made since starting his label "3000 Records" over 20 years ago.                                                   

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A good definition of 3000 Records is "an organization that operates as an independent record label, and provides Music Promotion Services to other independent record labels, musicians & bands". At this time 3000 Records mostly releases Co-Op (Compilation) CDs. The CDs are used as a promotional tool to reach college radio, independent radio, international radio, satellite radio, internet radio, and magazines, along with other creative avenues of music promotion. 

The many promotional services available are called "Indie 360", "Album Register", "Unlimited Viewers", "Targeted Fans", "@followers", "Song Commercials", "Music Video Distribution", "Blast The Web", "Promoter Box", and "Lyric Video Productions". The label also specializes in an exclusive "Spotlight Artist Promotion" by invitation. With these services, Bands and Solo Artists gain exposure to the masses. We have helped thousands of Musicians and Bands including unsigned Musicians and several Platinum Selling Artists too. Each of our services are created and delivered by utilizing  connections with the Music Industry and offering the record label as a service provider for musicians and by musicians. Terrance believes in dreams becoming reality, and making that happen with hard work and dedication.

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The first project was a Co-Op (Compilation) CD put together in Kalamazoo, MI with flyers and word of mouth. Terrance says, "Actually, after losing a promised spot on a compilation, I decided to start up my own." The first compilation was a real struggle, and he says it's still not easy, but it is still rewarding. Here it is 20 years later, and Bands and Solo Artists from around the world are gaining recognition with 3000 Records.

In 2015, 3000 records launched the "Music Business Connection" while interviewing insiders in the music business, and even a few Platinum selling Artists you may have heard of. This Podcast is designed especially for musicians and anyone interested in learning more about the music biz! Gain insights, and inspiration when you tune in to over 75 episodes now available online. You can also hear each newly released episoded on iTunes, Stitcher Radio, and more. Plus you can get connected with each guest by visiting their show notes page containing their contact information. Be sure to also check out the Blog section with useful information posted regularly for musicians to further their careers. We hope you enjoy this valuable resource.



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