About The Superwagon   



The web page is dedicated to the "Superwagon", which was a tour vehicle previously used by Singer / Songwriter Terrance Damian.

Single Blue Car, Age 33, 5000 lbs, non-smoker, enjoys long cruises down Woodward Avenue, and quiet evenings in the parking lot. Seeking Little Red Corvette with similar interests! Ad #290394B

Superwagon was made in 1973. It's a Plymouth Fury Sport Suburban. Why they put the word "Sport" in the name, I have noooo idea. This station wagon is truly a classic with plenty of character. 

Superwagon, also known as "The Grocery Getter" has about 103,000 original miles. It has power locks, power windows, dual exhaust, and many new parts from the computer to the gas tank! It was always nice to cruise around with a cup of coffee!

Superwagon was made in Detroit, the Motor City. It's a tough car and has a bumper that will plow through a 4 x 4 SUV, or anything else built today.

This car is powerful with a 400 big block engine. It's currently for sale so perhaps the engine will go into a racing vehicle of someone who needs a good engine.


If only this steering wheel had a built in microphone, Terrance would of had  his recent CD out much quicker! Many have seen & heard his live performances at various stop lights in the Metro Detroit Area.

Sir Mixalot would love this car 'cause "Baby Got Back"! This back hatch opens two ways.. It opens from the side like a car door, and also opens like the back end of a truck! It was perfect for packing equipment and gear for gigs!

Superwagon trivia question:

How many Brady's can you pack into Superwagon?

Answer: It equals the exact same number of licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop!

I miss driving the "Superwagon" after 1.5 years of reliable transportation! I hope you enjoyed this web page dedicated to the coolest vehicle I will probably ever drive! I donated the body of the car to a local company, and the engine will live on in a 1960's Plymouth Dart owned by a local car enthusiast in Shelby Twp., Michigan!



Superwagon was well maintained by Harler's Neighborhood Service Center in Utica, MI.