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You may be wondering where to start with your music promotion. There is no better time than right now to start moving forward. We can help you through any of our many promotional projects you can select from. Scroll down to see the full list below. 

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"You and your 3000 records team have done an outstanding job! I love it!! Absolutely love it! It is a honor and a pleasure for me to be part of something like this! Thanks allowing me to do so." - Kenneith Perrin, Musician

3000 Records has been dedicated to helping Musicians since 1996. We have gained the trust of hundreds of musicians and bands, and successfully organized Co-Op (compilation) CD projects promoting great music throughout the US and Internationally. As our company continues to grow in 2013, we will reach more Music Industry than ever before. Click To: Get Your Music On A Radio Now! Compilation



"This is a great way for us to continually obtain new music and for artists to get a chance to be heard." - Kimberly McCarrick, Assistant Manager, Bridge FM

We provide a solution for  getting your music out there, to people in the music industry who genuinely want your CD. Many Bands & Artists send their CD to stations, record companies, etc... who never asked for it. This can be a waste of time, money, and energy for everybody. On the other hand.. The FREE Music Report is sent to the DJs, A&R staff from record labels, and other music industry contacts, and allows them to select only the music they want. Each month they get a fresh selection of the newest music available to them. Click For: Radio Promotion




"I just wanted to let you know that your Twitter service is excellent and when this campaign ends you can bet I will be buying the larger one from you :)" - Arqum Iqbal

Make thousands of fans on Twitter through our new service! We find you new followers that who are interested in your music style, in your own area and beyond! You can turn them into new fans and keep them updated on your newest music, news, shows, and much more.Click To: Get Twitter Followers


Build a large fanbase on Facebook with Targeted Fans. Interact and keep them updated about your music, and other news! A half billion people use Facebook! Getting even a fraction of these people to become fans offers massive potential to any serious Musician or Band. We can target Fans from almost anywhere, with an interest in your music style! Click For: Facebook Fans



Looking for exposure on YouTube? Reach a mass audience for your videos with Unlimited Viewers! Get thousands of real human views for your music videos, and other video clips. Climb the YouTube charts and go viral! Click To: Increase YouTube Views




Blast The Web with your message and link with thousands of web site visitors! Increase your ranking in search engines, with short and long term results guaranteed! Click To: Blast The Web

MVD (Music Video Distribution) makes your video available on 40 video sharing sites, saving you time and effort while reaching a massive viewing audience! Click For: MVD (Music Video Distribution)


Song Commercials will create your own custom-made video promoting your music, and created from scratch.. then promoting & marketing the commercial online! Click: Song Commercials



Promoter Box takes your music and promotes it in digital format to music fans and music industry. It is made available free for promotional purposes while reaching thousands of computers, mobile phones, MP3 players, and other electronic devices worldwide. Use today's technology to promote your music in a major way! Click: Promoter Box


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Don't Miss Out On Fresh Opportunities To Promote Your Music! Stay updated And Learn More About 3000 Records And What We Have To Offer! Enter Your Name And Email Below.


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