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"What a great service!" - Jeff Schneider, True Life Coordinating Producer, MTV Networks

"I've been receiving your monthly reports and have been sent a ton of great sounds from the artists you work with. My career as a music reviewer has been masssively expanded thanks to all of you." - Beverly Durfee, The Daily Sentinel

"Just wanted to tell you how much we appreciate these monthly FREE Music Reports...they are a tremendous source of finding new and fresh musical talent and giving these folks some exposure on the radio. Keep it coming." - Eric Cohen, WAER Radio

By signing up you will receive the Official FREE Music Report for radio station DJs, Writers, Film & T.V. Producers, and A & R.


*Get 100% Free music (MP3s) sent to you in one easy file, with One Click
*The music is already filtered so you will save time by receiving quality music only
*Discover Musicians & Bands from around the world who would love for you to make use of their song(s)
*Add value by offering your listeners a free promotional copy of the music file for tons of free music
*Add your station or company name to our promotional materials being used for cross-promotion!
*It's strictly confidential and you many unsubscribe anytime

All music styles are available from Musicians, Bands, and Record Labels world-wide. The music we share is made available for promotional purposes for contacts in the music industry, subscribed music fans, and the general public.

The song(s) that you choose to download and use are made available for anyone to download as a free promotional copy by becoming a subscriber (100% free). You get music from the Musicians and Bands, or Record Labels who own the rights to any music shared With Full Permission.

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INSTRUCTIONS TO SIGN UP: Signing up is simple. Just follow these 3 steps.

1.) Fill out the brief form below   2.) Confirm your subscription   3.) Get music by request!

Notice: This 100% free service is designed for radio DJs, film & T.V. Producers, record labels, and anyone else in the music industry. We also welcome music Fans to become a member of our street team. Whether you need great songs for your radio station, podcast, film or T.V. production, or just like great music sign up using the form below!


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Question: How is the music made available to music industry contacts?
Answer: We make music available to all music industry contacts when they download a (.Zip) file. Every song (MP3) included in the file is made available so that all songs can be downloaded for promotional purposes only. This allows the music to be discovered and heard by an unlimited amount of people including Music Industry Contacts, Music Fans, and general listeners around the world.

Question: How can the Musicians and Bands be notified of airplay, or using their music for film or T.V., etc.?
Answer: The contact info. is included in the file for anyone would like to reach any Musician or Band about their music. We encourage radio DJs, producers, or anyone else who is interested in a Musician or Band's music to contact them. They would love to hear from you and know if you like their music, or are playing it on your station, etc.

Question: Can I share this info. with other DJs and Music Industry?
Answer: Yes! The easiest way to do this is simply have them subscribe using the Sign Up Form this web page.

Question: I still don't understand how this works?
Answer: Ok, let's put it this way! We want to send you great new music for promotional purposes only. The music is sent using a "zip file". The zip file allows for people to download a bunch of songs at one time to their computer, phone, or MP3 player. Each song will be included in our monthly promotion which will include approximately 15 songs for new listeners to discover! The music is distributed online through email subscribers including on-the-air radio stations, online radio, podcasts, music fans, and more, plus promoted through social networking sites, search engines, and directories. We make the music available to people for promotional purposes only. We also make Musician and Band info. available including a link to their web site, or other link they provide (iTunes, CD Baby, etc)! The music is sent to listeners throughout the web, including radio DJs who can play their music, other music industry connections like magazines, and even record labels. Importantly, the music is also made available to music fans, and general listeners throughout the web.

Question: Can I give away the songs by hosting them, and putting the downloadable MP3 files directly on my web site, blog, etc.?
Answer: No. Besides, it's much easier to just share the link to where we are making the music available free. This means you can make all the music available to your listeners, by directing them to our web site for music fans (MusicBatch), this web page, Or sharing the direct link to the (.Zip) file we will be sending you.

Question: Can you explain more about cross-promotion?
Answer: We also use the connections and abilities of each participating Musician and Band to further promote everyone involved each month! When you distribute any promotional material (Ex: flyers, download cards, etc.) you will be part of a bigger picture. You can even modify the promotional materials to add your own station name, or company name. Everyone rises up, when everyone gets involved! We encourage others to help promote the music to music industry and new listeners.

Question: Ok, how can I sign up?
Answer: Get started by filling out the brief form and click the Submit button. Feel free to reach us at (586) 480-3000 to speak to a live customer service person.

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Question: This is a really great way to help music industry discover new music free! Do you have an easy way for me to share this with others?
Answer: Yes! Part of the reason this works well is because we rely on folks like you to tell their friends in the music industry to help get the word out! Just use one of these links below:

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