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RADIO NOW! Volume 1

Organized & Distributed by 3000 Records

Description: This compilation CD contains various styles of music from Bands and Artists from around the world. Click on the links below to find out more information, or to contact them.

Bands listed are NOT in order of songs included on the CD


  1. Mark Reitenga "The Lighthouse"

  2. "So Don't Disappear"
  3. Milinda Allen "Ever Since You've Gone"

  4. Derek Astles "Velvet"

  5. Bakkus "Stepladder"

  6. Ragged Redemption "Sweetheart Unlimited"

  7. Dave Braulick "Sevens"

  8. "Unfaithful"

  9. Duplex Gage "Outta Control"

  10. Deron 5L "Sara Ann In California"

  11. The Josh Einwechter Band "Sweep Me Away"

  12. "Goin' Sane"

  13. "Novacain"

  14. "M.D."

  15. "U Betta Get Yourz"

  16. "When I'm With You"

  17. "Deep Dreams" 

  18. "Live Right"

  19. Richard Tuttle "Love Is A Weapon Of Mass Destruction"

  20. Richard Tuttle "Monster Truck"

  21. "Make Me Fine"

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