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ATTENTION BANDS & ARTISTS!!! Get Your Song Sent To Radio Stations, Magazines, Record Companies, Street Team Members, CD Giveaway Contest Winners, and other Great Promotional Resources..

ABOUT THE PROJECT: 3000 Records has been organizing compilations since 1996. Currently we have established a Co-Op CD project called INDIE 360. This project is for independent Bands & Artists from around the world! It is our goal that the Bands & Artists on these CDs gain maximum exposure by getting their music considered for airplay, magazine reviews, a record deal, plus film and T.V. productions. We also send the CDs to other valuable resources like Record Stores, Street Team Members, and the Winners of our CD Giveaway Contest. Since all participating Bands & Artists get copies, participants gain additional exposure to the resources of the participants. Think of this as a promotional vehicle transporting your music into the hands of people who can make a difference in your music career. Indie 360 is truly a project by Musicians for Musicians.


*Promotion through 3000 Records, music industry resources, and other Bands & Artists  

*An excellent opportunity to get radio play, and magazine reviews

*A chance to get “discovered” by Record Companies, and get noticed by Film & Production Companies

*Online exposure through Top Search Engines, Email, Newsgroups, Messageboards, plus Your Link on our web sites  

*A professional product you can use to promote your music

*A great way to get connected through Independent Radio Stations, Magazines, Record Companies, Film & T.V. Production Companies, Street Team Members, Record Stores, Music Conferences & Promotional Events, other participating Bands & Artists, and more..  

*It's a smart way to get your music heard and increase your fan base


 For Complete Information Fill Out The Brief Form Below. You will receive our free Info. Packet including: (benefits, details about everything included with this service, the cost, questions & answers, terms of agreement, and forms necessary to register and participate in our project). All information submitted is secure, and remain strictly confidential.


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Here's just a few quotes from radio stations:

"I have a weekly 2 hour radio show on a local internet and RSL radio station in London, therefore I can give your artists the airplay they need. Also the CDs will also be available to other DJs." Shantelle, Station DJ, Life FM, UK

"We always love discovering new bands and playing new artists!!. Looking very much forward to getting those CDs!" - Charlotte, Station Manager, Radio SIRUP, Germany

"I welcome a healthy independent attitude. I do not play major label productions. "No Pigeonholes" broadcasts to the San Francisco and Monterey Bay Areas the second and fourth Sundays of each month from 3-5 PM on KKUP 91.5FM in Cupertino California. European broadcast and additional internet archiving by Radio Marabu in Germany." Don Campau, Program Director, No Pigeonholes, USA

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Indie 360 - A Co-Op CD Project For Independent Bands & Artists
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