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From: Terrance
Subject: A Simple Life

Thanks for your support. 

This web page is dedicated to everyone who supported the release of my album "A Simple Life".

"omg, the music is amazing! I love it!" - Maggie

"Nice blend of styles on your tunes. Best." Justin Froese, Froze

"I am grooving on your sound dude! Killer tunes and voice..I'm gonna go listen again. Best of luck to ya! Take care and God Bless you." - Mimmi

"I'm really impressed with your CD, you did a great job and must be really proud of how good it turned out. Keep up the great work and keep in touch." - Mike, SDP Studio

The album "A Simple Life" is now available 100% Free.

Click Here To Download Your Free Album "A Simple Life" (Zip File)

Instructions How To Download The Album: Click the link above and "unzip" the file. Then drag the songs to your iPod or MP3 Player. If you do not have a program to unzip the file, I recommend downloading WinZip

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