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Song Commercial Example #1: Including Facebook link (For getting fans)


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"The service was excellent. Fast and easy. It's nice to focus on my music and have a commercial out there with a professional look to promote without paying through the nose. Thanks guys!" - Kna-Lo Venge

"Love it! Love it! Love it! Thanks and keep me posted." - Cecil Parker

Get your own custom-made video for your music created from scratch, and promoted & marketed online! Your song commercial will feature Your Song, Info., and Link, uploaded on over 75 video sites (YouTube, Vimeo, Metacafe...), submitted to major search engines (Google, Yahoo! Bing...), top directories, and ready to share on social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest...), and  more! You will also be able to add your song commercial on your web site, or profile pages on other sites.

This is perfect for any Musician, Band, or Record Label that wants to reach a mass audience locally and worldwide. The possibilities for growth are tremendous! Read on to see benefits, what's included, cost, along with sign up instructions below..

We Create Your Song Commercial With These Great Benefits:

Your Professional Quality Song Commercial created by our experienced staff

We Also Promote Your Song Commercial by uploading, and submitting your song commercial throughout the web

You Can Easily Drive Traffic to your Facebook page, iTunes, CD Baby page, or other site

Reach thousands of viewers through your song commercial promoted twenty four hours a day seven days a week!

 Use Our Guaranteed Service for marketing your music with great results!

We Upload Your Song Commercial To Over 75 Video Sites For Massive Exposure:

Your Song Commercial Will Be Uploaded To YouTube, Vimeo, Metacafe, Plus over a Dozen other video sites (75 or more video sites)!


You also get 5,000 Guaranteed Views on YouTube for your song commercial as a second added bonus.

"I just wanted to let you know myself and Chris are very happy with the commercial your team put together. Adding the train segment was genius kudos to you and your team for an outstanding job. All my best." - Byron Andres SMT Management

We Submit Your Song Commercial To Major Search Engines, For Top Ranking Results!

Your Song Commercial Will Be Submitted To Google, Yahoo!, Bing, and many more search engines and top directories online.

You get valuable search engine optimization (SEO) services as an added bonus for your song commercial for ranking in the Top Google search results.

Add Your Song Commercial To Your Own Web Site, And Share It Through Social Networks, And Bookmarking Sites, And Blogs!

Your Song Commercial Available to Add On Your Web Site, And Other Sites

Your Song Commercial Available To Share On Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other major social networks, bookmarking sites, and blogs.

We will host your song commercial for adding to your own web site, any web site you decide.

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You don't need to spend thousands of dollars for commercial video production, and a few ads on T.V. or cable networks, plus the time, and effort involved to reach a large audience. We offer a fast and easy solution for independent musicians, bands, and record labels with true potential to reach an equal or greater number of people online, with this Valuable service!

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COST: The total cost is only $77

OPTIONAL: Get a second song commercial for an additional $50 more (Save big!). You can order two different style song commercials for the same song, or for two separate songs.

This covers the complete production of your song commercial, including complete promotion and marketing services. This also covers your video hosting for one year. Each additional year is billed annually (at a rate of only $.77 cents per month). As a special offer, we are Waiving the annual hosting fee. Get free annual video hosting when you order today! (Note: This special offer may be discontinued at anytime.) (NO

100% Satisfaction Guarantee: We are confident that you will be fully satisfied with our services. If you do not receive your produced song commercial and promotion with the package that you order, you are entitled to receive your money back for any work not completed. You can get started today with absolutely No risk to you!

INSTRUCTIONS TO SIGN UP: Signing up is simple. Just follow these 3 steps.

1.) Select Your Package Option.  2.) Send Payment.  3.) Submit Music & Images.

Note: We do our very best to process orders in a timely manner, and your song commercial(s) will be completed within 3 to 5 days.

*Select Your Package Option

I Want "One Song Commercial" Package (Add To Cart)

Song Commercials - Production & Promotion Fee ("One Song Commercial" Package)  $77


I Want "Two Song Commercial" Packages (Add To Cart)

Song Commercials - Production & Promotion Fee ("Two Song Commercial" Packages)  $137

BONUS: As an added bonus, you will receive valuable search engine optimization (SEO) services for your song commercial(s). This means that your song commercial(s) will rank within the Top Google search results when searching for keywords related to your music and/or other relevant terms. We will also strive for your song commercial(s) to rank with top search results in Yahoo!, Bing, and other major search engines to ensure maximum exposure, with long-term results for promotion and marketing. Value $99 (Yours free!)

BONUS #2: As a second added bonus, you will receive 5,000 Guaranteed Views on YouTube for each song commercial you sign up for. This will bring even more exposure for your song commercial(s), and help with promotional efforts to naturally build your presence on YouTube. Brought to you by our partner service Unlimited Viewers. Value $29 (Yours free!)




Question: How does it work?
Answer: We create your song commercial using Your Music, and Your Images (photos) or we will provide great images for you! Once we make your song commercial, we promote it online for ranking in major search engines, top directories, plus upload your song commercial to video sites. Your song commercial will be also available to be added on social media sites, bookmarking sites, and more. We handle all the tech related work and major promotion and marketing, so you can rest assured this process is fast and easy (for you)!

Question: How will I know where my song commercial is uploaded?
Answer: We send you a report with a link to every place we upload your song commercial. Your song commercial will also be uploaded on sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Vodpod, Viddler, Bebo, Flixya, Veoh, Ganges,, Rediff, Multiply, and many others. Just imagine the time you save without having to upload your song commercial to so many places online.

Note: We will include your link whenever possible when uploading your video to third party sites (Ex: YouTube, etc.). However, your link will appear at the end of your song commercial on the web sites that you embed it (Ex: Your own web site, Myspace page, or any other page you may add your embed code!).

Question: Will I be able to keep my song commercial?
Answer: Yes. You will be able to keep your song commercial permanently!

Question: Is this for all music styles?
Answer: Yes! All music styles are welcome, including Pop, Rock, Alternative, Hip Hop, R&B, Metal, Electronic Music, Christian, Jazz, Reggae, Country, Blues, Easy Listening, Instrumental, or any other music style.

Question: How much does this service cost?
Answer: Currently the price is only $77 for one song commercial including full production and marketing services, and $137 for two song commercials including full production and marketing services. We may decide to raise the price later, so take advantage of the current pricing! In addition, you receive our 100% money back guarantee!

Question: What about continued video hosting for my commercial?
Get free video hosting when you order today! This means you get video hosting at no charge, to embed your video to your web site if you would like (optional). This free offer may be discontinued at anytime.

Question: How do I contact customer support?
Feel free to call (586) 480-3000 to speak with a live customer service representative. You can also send email to with any further questions or requests. We will be happy to hear from you!

Question: If I sign up for the "Two Song Commercial" Package, can I have two different song commercials for the same song?
Answer: Yes! This includes two different commercials created for the same song, or two separate songs. You will also be able to select which type of song commercials you would like created for your song(s).

Question: Can I see more examples of song commercials?
Answer: Sure! Just click the play button below and enjoy!

Song Commercial Example #2: Including sales page link (For generating sales)


Note: This can include a link to your music on iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, or other site where your music can be purchased.

Song Commercial Example #3: Including a link to your own web site (For getting site visitors)


Question: Can I select what type of song commercial you will make for me?
Absolutely! You can select from the 3 options we currently offer as shown in Example 1 (includes your Facebook link), Example 2 (includes a link to where your music can be purchased online), and Example 3 (includes a link to your own web site). You decide!

Question: Is it ok to add my song commercial to my own YouTube channel?
Answer: Sure! If you would rather upload your song commercial to your own YouTube channel, we will not add it to our channel to avoid uploading "duplicate content". Either way, your song commercial will still receive our bonus offer of 5,000 views for each song commercial you sign up for!

Question: How do I sign up?
Signing up is super easy! Select Your Package Option, Make Your Payment, and Submit Your Music and Images. That's it! We will take it from there and look forward to helping you succeed.

Question: Once I sign up, how long will it take for you to create my song commercial?
Answer: We will create your song commercial within 3 to 5 days, and your promotion and marketing services begin immediately after!

Question: How long will my song commercial be?
Answer: The average time for a song commercial is recommended to be 30 to 37 seconds long to get the best response. However, if additional time and work is necessary for a song commercial over 1 minute, we can offer you a customized quote.

Question: This is the best service I have seen for anyone serious about getting real results through promotion and marketing with today's online video technology. Do you have an easy way that I can share this with my friends?
Answer: Yes. Part of the reason our services are priced so low is because we don't spend much on advertising. Instead, we rely on folks like you to tell their friends, and other people to help get the word out. Just use one of these links below:

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Remember You Get Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: We are confident that you will be fully satisfied with our services. If you do not receive your produced song commercial(s) and video marketing with the package that you order, you are entitled to receive your money back for any work not completed. You can get started today with absolutely No risk to you!


Confidentiality Agreement: 3000 Records respects your privacy. We will protect and keep your information confidential at all times, Period. We have worked with and earned the trust of thousands of customers over the years through our promotional projects. We look forward to helping you reach new customers through our unique Short Commercial service!

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