Shampoo and Body Wash Combined Into One

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With so many body wash, soap, and shampoo products not all are good for your skin and hair. This is because, not all products use natural ingredients. Our shampoo body wash contains natural ingredients so your skin, hair, and scalp can be healthier. By using our shampoo and body wash combination you'll not only save money, you will save time in the shower. You know what they say, "time equals money". Well, you will save plenty of both if you become a regular customer. 

Treat your skin and hair to our natural Shampoo Body Wash! Currently we are accepting orders for this by phone only. Call (586) 480-3000 to place your order today. We offer great customer service, and great natural soap products.

Our previous product "Acai Berry Soap" is no longer available online.

For pure and natural soap,.I recommend Ladybug Blessings at http://www.ladybugblessings.com/ 

Why use Natural Soap? Hello. My name is Terrance, and I used to sell "Acai Berry Soap". The reason you should use natural soap is because it is naturally better. Natural soap doesn't do damage to your skin like other soaps can. Over time, the soap you use will make a big difference. Imagine someone using a detergent soap for 15 years, and comparing that to someone who used pure natural soap. The person who used the natural soap would not only have healthier skin, but they would also look much younger. Now imagine doing this over a lifetime. It does make a big difference, but that's only my humble opinion and I'm not taking chances with my skin.


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