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We send out new music to thousands of music industry connections and street team members each month for marketing and promotion of various music styles. You will be able to include up to two of your songs. All music is made available to be previewed or downloaded for promotional purposes to introduce your music to the Music Industry and new Music Fans! This means any song(s) that you choose to market and promote through "Promoter Box" will be made available for anyone to download as a free promotional copy..

MUSIC MARKETING AND PROMOTION SERVICES: We use powerful methods to market and promote your independent music:

*Sound Level Mastering: All songs included will have matched volume levels through professional digital mastering for each song. This is done to keep a high standard while offering the best quality downloads for our contacts.

*Distribution through 5,000 Download Cards including: Cross-promotion between all participating Artists and Bands (You Will Receive 250 Download Cards), in addition we give download cards away through music retail locations, music stores, music festivals, and other music related events and locations. Promoter Box Download cards do not require a password or personal info., and only requires a name and email.

*Distribution to 33 Social Networking sites including: Ask, Bebo, Delicious, Digg, Facebook, FriendFeed, Google Bookmarks, Hi5, Myspace, Reddit, Stumbleupon, Twitter, Yahoo Bookmarks, and many more...

*Distribution to over 130,000 newsletter subscribers (including Music Industry, Independent Musicians and Bands, and Music Fans)

*Distribution to over 500 Radio Stations (including Radio DJs, Music Directors, Program Directors, & Station Managers

*Distribution through submissions to over 110 search engines and directories (including Google, AOL, Bing, Yahoo!, etc...)

*Distribution to over 88,000 Followers on Twitter: Including distribution to people who can spread !

*Distribution through our other popular web sites (including,,,, and!)

*Distribution through a dedicated "Promoter Box" Music Player made available to an Unlimited number of listeners from around the world

*Download tracking and statistics are available to all participating Artists and Bands


Questions And Answers:

Question: What is a Digital Compilation?
Answer: A
digital compilation is a variety of music made available through a (.Zip) file. Thid downloadable file is created for the marketing and promotion of Musicians and Bands over the internet. Every song included on the digital compilation is made available for preview and all songs can be downloaded for promotional purposes only. This allows your music to be discovered and heard by an unlimited amount of people including Music Industry Contacts, other Musicians and Bands, and Music Fans around the world.

Question: How long will my music be marketed and promoted?
Answer: The promotional benefits will begin immediately after your music is included in our next
digital compilation, and initially distributed for promotional purposes during the first month. The promotional benefits are ongoing, and can continue for years as new listeners discover your music.

Question: What happens after I sign up for this service?
Answer: We will include your music in the next "Promoter Box" (Vol. 1, 2, 3, 4 etc...). Each "Promoter Box" is  released on the 15th day of each month, Your music will be made available to thousands of people around the world through our unique music marketing and promotional methods including distribution to Social Networking sites, Email Subscribers, Radio Stations, Online Radio, Podcasts, Search Engines, Directories, Plus our partner web sites along with an Unlimited number of additional web sites throughout the world.

Question: How much does this cost?
Answer: Currently the price is only $77. You will also have the option to include an additional song for just $20 more.

(Note: This is a one time fee with No additional cost.)

Question: Will you sell my music for me?
Answer: No. We only handle the marketing and promotion of the music. There are many great services to handle the sales transaction when selling your music. However, our focus is
on getting the word out about your music and find many new listeners, fans, plus potential buyers of your music for you.

Question: How will new listeners be able to find my own web site, contact me, or buy my album?
Answer: We will include a link to your own web site (CD Baby, Myspace page, etc...) from the "Promoter Box" so anyone who discovers your music will be able to find you online easily!

Question: I still don't understand how "Promoter Box" works? Please HELP!
Answer: Ok, let's put it this way! We will include your music in a storage file called a "zip file". The zip file allows for people to download a bunch of songs at one time to their computer, or MP3 player. Your song will be included in our monthly "zip file" which will include approximately
15 songs for new listeners to discover! The music is distributed to thousands of people online through social networking sites, sent to email subscribers, Radio Stations, Online Radio, Podcasts, Search Engines, Directories, and through our partner web sites! We make your music available to people for promotional purposes only. It is our hope that once they are introduced to one or two of your songs, they will become a fan!

Question: Ok, how can I sign up?
Answer: First, fill out our sign up form online, upload your music (MP3 format), and complete your payment. Feel free to reach us at (586) 480-3000 to speak to a live customer service person.

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This is done through our unique "Promoter Box", a virtual music player designed to reach the music industry and music fans around the world.

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