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The mailing address where a US tax payer should mail a tax form usually has the mailing instructions on the form itself.

For Example: In 2008, this was the address where to mail form 1040 with payment if you lived in Michigan.

Department of the Treasury
Internal Revenue Service
Kansas City, MO  64999-0102

More Information About the IRS: The IRS was established during the time of the Civil war in the year 1862. The reason that US Citizens were to be taxed was to fund the cost of the Civil war. This was only to be a temporary expense for the working people of our nation. Originally taxes were 3% (3 percent) of the average working person's income.

In addition to being taxed on income, US citizens pay taxes on daily expenses for many store bought items, property (home), gas, and much more. Therefore, money earned by US citizens is taxed based on the amount of income earned, and then taxed again while making purchases with the money left over.


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