"Terrance, It's great that someone like yourself has a burden in your heart to help indie Artists. On our end we will try our best to give them the representation on our station they need and deserve. Thanks for being a great friend to indie Artists... Sincerely, Joe" -  Joe Burke, Owner, WZFI-FM 98.5


Question: How can this be so cheap?
Because we absolutely want to keep your music available to the Music Industry! We hope you will feel the same.

Question: What is the difference between the FREE Music Report and the FREE Music Directory?
The FREE Music Directory is the ultimate place to make your music available! This is a resource that will guarantee that your music will remain available to our music industry contacts for 1 full year. The FREE Music Report is where your listing previously appeared as a new CD listing. Since your listing has already been listed for 3 months (approx. 90 days), your listing is now Qualified to appear in the exclusive FREE Music Directory for an additional year from now (approx. 365 days).

Question: What happens if I don't add my listing in the FREE Music Directory?
Your listing will permanently be removed, and your music will no longer be available to our music industry contacts.

Question: Are there any additional, or extra fees?
No..or as we like to say, "Nunka"!

Question: Do you accept checks or money orders?
Answer: Yes. Make checks payable to 3000 Records and send to our Mailing Address. Please write your Band or Artist name in the "memo" area of your check.

If you still have questions please feel free to Contact Us.

"I am excited to be working with Free Music Report! I look forward to the year ahead!" - Allyson Ota, Music Director, KTUH 90.3 FM

"Our company produces music video television programs. We are interested in finding music from groups in Japan and other countries. All styles and genres requested." - Lee Evans, General Manager, Evans Media Group, Inc.

"I would be interested in many types of music. We are a public radio station and have a wide variety of shows." - Lori, Neufeld, Music Director, KUAC-FM

"Our station covers many genres. Alternative, Punk, Americana, Country, Pop...you name it. If it's at least somewhat family friendly, we play it." - Justin Cook, Program Director/DJ, 91.9/89.1 KPFC-FM


"We have a very popular afternoon drivetime blues show. We are already serviced by some of the larger labels and a few of the smaller ones. I hope this increases our ability to receive some music we aren't currently getting. We do report to Living Blues magazine." - Richie Babb, General Manager, WFOS-FM

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