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"I just want to thank you guys for this service! Our visits to our site went from 300+ a week to 29,000+ a week! We were able to get our music to people that mattered, and are now being played on 10 college radio stations and 8 stations in the UK, Italy, Germany and Australia." - Lee White, Einstein's Dream

"The listing really helps me to get my music out there. I averaged about 6 requests a week. You have got a great thing going on here. Thanks." - Blanche Tate


We provide a direct promotional service to make your music available to radio station DJs (community radio, college radio, internet radio, satellite radio, etc..) and Writers (magazines, zines, ezines, webzines, newspapers, etc..) Film & T.V. Production Companies, and Record Companies from around the world. Most locations are in the USA, Canada, Europe, and Australia. When requests for your CD are sent to you from our music industry contacts,  you'll get the address where to send your CD. You are provided with direct responses from each contact. Promotion continues for approximately 90 days! Read on to see the benefits, what's included, and the cost, along with the Listing Form below!  

"We have had a great response from being on the CD register. We have had about 20 people (music industry contacts) asking for our stuff from all over the world. We have been played on radio stations over in America and Australia and even had a request from CBS television in New York. We've been involved with internet radio as well which has been cool. It really has been a great way of getting our music heard." - Adam, Selotape


*Potential airplay on independent radio stations, and reviews in magazines where your music can get more exposure
*Potential interviews by radio station DJs and magazine Writers for even more exposure
*Potential use of your song(s) by Film & T.V. producers 
*Potential review by Record Companies looking to sign new Bands & Artists
*Build relationships with radio station DJs, magazine Writers, film & T.V. Producers, and A & R contacts
*Every music industry connection goes through a screening process to make sure they are legit
*Exposure online through the exclusive FREE Music Report
*Extra traffic to your web site or page where DJs and Writers will preview your music and find out more information before requesting a CD
*Ability to follow up with the radio stations and magazines for future CD releases
*Knowing that you are not sending your CD "Unsolicited", and it will most definitely get some attention


"This is a great way to expose new artists and writers who are looking for the right avenue in which to share their talents. Hopefully the world will get to know them. We will do what we can to help." - Stephen A. Mosely, General Manager / Program Director, Unity Radio 107.1FM


>Account set up, and specified release date along with approx. 90 days of promotional service
>Your CD made available to college & independent radio stations, along with satellite and online radio, magazines, zines, ezines, webzines, newspapers, Film & T.V. Production Companies, and Record Companies
>An opportunity for scheduling potential interviews by radio station DJs and magazine Writers
>Screening process of radio station DJs, magazine Writers, film & T.V. Producers, and A & R contacts, to make sure they are legit (through Subscription sign up process, and information check)
>The addresses and contact info. of radio station DJs, magazine Writers, film & T.V. Producers, and A & R contacts when your CD is requested for potential airplay, reviews, or other use. 
>A full 3 month listing in the exclusive FREE Music Report including a direct link to your web site or page so music industry contacts can preview your music samples and find out more info. before requesting a CD, (Works great with CD Baby,, MySpace, and other similar services!)
>Approx. 30 days after your music is requested for each radio station or magazine, T.V. production company, or record company, we will remind each music industry contact to send out playlists, reviews, comments, and other feedback. Responses will immediately be sent to you by email, directly from each music industry contact!

"What a great service!" - Jeff Schneider, True Life Coordinating Producer, MTV Networks

"This is a great way for us to continually obtain new music and for Artists to get a chance to be heard." - Kimberly McCarrick, Assistant Manager, Bridge FM

COST: The total cost is only a $32 Listing Fee

Optional: Upgrade your listing to a "Priority" Listing with guaranteed top placement for just $8 bucks.

100% Money Back Guarantee! If you are not completely satisfied with our service, you are entitled to our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee for new listings. We are confident that you will be satisfied with the results from your listing..that is why we invite you to try this service absolutely Risk Free.

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Question: How much does this cost?
Answer: Currently the price is only $32. You will also have the option to upgrade your listing to a "Priority" Listing. This offers guaranteed top placement for just $8 more. There are no additional costs. Period.

Note: Similar services charge more than a dozen times this amount (yes, really). Keep in mind, this is by 3000 Records operated by musicians for musicians.
Question: What is a "Priority" Listing?
Answer: This is simply a way to get your listing closer to the top of the FREE Music Report. Our "Priority" Listings come first! By being closer to the top, your listing can grab the attention of a potential Music Industry Contact easier, and faster.

Question: What is the FREE Music Report?
Answer: The FREE Music Report is sent free to radio stations, magazines, film & T.V. productions companies and record companies. This report is not free to be listed in. CD Register is the one and only way to get listed in this exclusive report to the Music Industry. This "resource and publication" is supported by the Bands & Artists who include their listing. Much work goes into the organization of this distributed report, and every connection established out of trust and respect for the music industry contact. The small fee covers business expenses and small profit for time that goes into this. CD Register allows Bands & Artists connect with the Music Industry in a way that would not otherwise be possible.

Question: Huh, I still don't get this..What exactly is this about?
Answer: Ok.. this is a service first of all. We provide a solution for  getting your music out there, to people in the music industry who genuinely want your CD. Many Bands & Artists send their CD to stations, record companies, etc... who never asked for it. This can be a waste of time, money, and energy for everybody. On the other hand.. The FREE Music Report is sent to the DJs, A & R people, and other music biz contacts, and allows them to select only the CDs they want. Each month they get a fresh selection of the newest music available to them. This works for everybody! Hope that makes sense.

Question: What styles of music are acceptable?
Answer: All music styles are acceptable! If you feel that your music is appropriate for independent radio, magazines, film & T.V., and record companies, then you are welcome to sign up to get your CD into the right hands.

Question: How does this work?
Answer: We have built connections with DJs from radio stations (community radio, college radio, internet radio, satellite radio, etc..) and Writers (magazines, zines, ezines, webzines, newspapers, etc..), film & T.V. Producers, and A & R Staff from record companies.. They are notified that your music is available through the FREE Music Report, and where to preview your music and information. If your CD is suitable and the DJ is interested, they may request your CD for airplay consideration.. If a Writer, Producer, or A & R person is interested they will also let you know, and request your CD for review.

Question: What can I expect once I sign up for this service?
Answer: We will include your listing in our next edition of the FREE Music Report  sent each month by email to our music industry contacts. If they are interested in a receiving a copy of your CD, you will be contacted! You may also receive a request for an interview by DJs and Writers, A & R follow up, or use of a song by film & T.V. Producers. Those who request your CD may also contact you to provide you with feedback regarding your CD. In addition, you get
a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, so there is no risk to you.

Question: What will my listing include?
Answer: Your listing will include your Band / Artist Name, CD Title, Music Genre, Description, Download Sample Link, and Email address where music industry contacts can request your CD.

Question: How long will my listing be included?
Answer: Your listing will be included in our FREE Music Report for 3 months. After that your listing will qualify to be included in the FREE Music Directory (optional service)!

Question: Is it guaranteed that my music will get played on air or that I will receive a magazine review?
Answer: No. We can't guarantee airplay or reviews since that is up to the DJs and Writers. We can only guarantee your listing will give you the opportunity to be considered for airplay and reviews.

Question: How will I know if a music industry contact is interested in getting a free copy of my CD?
Answer: You will be notified by email of a request for your CD. You will be responsible for sending your CD to the person who requests your CD.

Question: What happens after I send my CD after it is requested?
Answer:  Once your CD has arrived, the radio station DJ or Writer can consider your music for airplay, or a review. If a film & T.V. Producer has requested your CD, it may be considered for use in a film or T.V. show. If an A & R rep from a record company has requested your CD, you may be contacted for more info. about your music, etc... It is also advised that you follow up with each music industry contact that requests your CD, to make sure that your CD was received and given proper attention. Feel free to ask for playlists, reviews, comments, and other feedback.

Question: How often will my CD be promoted to the music industry contacts?
Answer: The FREE Music Report is currently sent monthly. Your CD will be promoted in 3 monthly editions. Your music will also be promoted daily through the FREE Music Report (.Org) web site, when a new music industry contact subscribes online. New contacts receive the most recent Report once their subscription is approved That's a total of 3 months (approx. 90 days) worth of promotion!

Question: Do you accept checks or money orders?
Answer: Yes. Make checks payable to 3000 Records and send to our Mailing Address. Please write your Band or Artist name in the "memo" area of your check.

If you still have questions please feel free to Contact Us. Our phone number is 1-888-463-4336.



"Many thanks Terrance...I will provide artists with feedback and I am sure my listeners will enjoy the artists (music) provided to my show through your excellent service." - Laurie West, DJ, Producer, & Reviewer, 3RPP (Equilibrium Radio) 

"This is a great way to expose new artists and writers who are looking for the right avenue in which to share their talents. Hopefully the world will get to know them. We will do what we can to help." - Stephen A. Mosely, General Manager / Program Director, Unity Radio 107.1FM

"Our general format is indie rock, but we also include some hip hop, electronic, etc. We have various specialty shows, which include punk, hip hop, world, RPM, reggae, African, metal, jazz, blues, and funk." - Marcus Tabert, Music Director, KCWU-FM

"I Wanted to let you know that I subscribed to the Free Music Report, what a great service!" Jeff Schneider, True Life Coordinating Producer, MTV Networks

"We play, oldies, classic rock, country western, gospel and some big bands. I would like to have more jazz and blues music. We play some current country and some top 40." - Jim Wolfe, Owner, KDOL Radio

"We play EVERY kind of music! except things like commercial mainstream, or with lyrics offensive to women, minorities, and members of other protected groups." - Sybil Augustine, Music Director, WORT 89.9 FM Community Radio

"We're looking for Jazzy Adult Standards. Crossover Jazz and non-rock vocals will be considered.We also have a Gospel program on Sundays, called "The Gospel Brunch." Jazz oriented Gospel would be interesting, as well as traditional works." - Chuck Conrad, Station Manager, KZQX Radio

"I would be interested in many types of music. We are a public radio station and have a wide variety of shows." - Lori, Neufeld, Music Director, KUAC-FM

"Our station covers many genres. Alternative, Punk, Americana, Country, name it. If it's at least somewhat family friendly, we play it." - Justin Cook, Program Director/DJ, 91.9/89.1 KPFC-FM

"We have a very popular afternoon drivetime blues show. We are already serviced by some of the larger labels and a few of the smaller ones. I hope this increases our ability to receive some music we aren't currently getting. We do report to Living Blues magazine." - Richie Babb, General Manager, WFOS-FM

"This is a great way for us to continually obtain new music and for artists to get a chance to be heard." - Kimberly McCarrick, Assistant Manager, Bridge FM

"Our format is triple A. We play a wide variety, with a heavy emphasis on Southern and Southern influenced music. So its hard to put just one style preference." - Jason B. Wells, Program Director, bbWALW 98.3

"Our company produces music video television programs. We are interested in finding music from groups in Japan and other countries. All styles and genres requested." - Lee Evans, General Manager, Evans Media Group, Inc.

"We are always looking for talented artists, who want to present their music to a wide-choiced audience." - Falk Merten, Manager, Darker Radio

"We have more than one style preference. (Also Breakbeats, Electronic, Jazz, Hip Hop, and Top 40)" - Mike Couchman, Program Director, Way FM

"I am excited to be working with Free Music Report! I look forward to the year ahead!" - Allyson Ota, Music Director, KTUH 90.3 FM

"Seems like the ultimate way of getting in touch with independent artists who are serious about their music." - Jonas Öhman, Freelance Columnist/Reviewer, Ginza/Kountry Korral Magazine

"We use Country, R&B, Jazz, Light Rock, Pop, Bluegrass and some Christian music. We provide custom radio stations for retail businesses. Our current project is Do it Best Radio for Do it Best Corp, a national hardware and home center entity which has over 4,200 retail stores nationwide." Art Scott, President /CEO, Rise Radio, LLC

"Our mission is to showcase Urban Music with Non-Offensive lyrical content and imagery. We also have an "Urban Jazz" format program." - Joelle Gwynn, Owner, Gwynn Broadcasting

"I've been receiving your monthly reports and have been sent a ton of great sounds from the artists you work with. My career as a music reviewer has been masssively expanded thanks to all of you." - Beverly Durfee, The Daily Sentinel

"Terrance, It's great that someone like yourself has a burden in your heart to help indie Artists. On our end we will try our best to give them the representation on our station they need and deserve. Thanks for being a great friend to indie Artists... Sincerely, Joe" - Joe Burke, Owner, WZFI-FM 98.5



"This is very good program to promote indie Artist's music I have had positive feedback in the USA and in Europe." - Reggie, Da Blaknix

"My listing through CD Register mainly awoke interest in internet radio stations which is really good and I got requests almost immediately after I'd registered, which was great! I think you're doing a wonderful job and have recommended CD Register to other independent artists. I also think it's wonderful that you contact people personally and always answered any questions I had." - Sumitra

"Well, Terrance, it seems to be working. I've had six requests from radio stations for CD's, including one in Australia and one in Japan, a country I think will particularly like my music. If this keeps up, I don't know how I'll keep up with the demand. You certainly are getting people's attention. I'm getting those packages ready to go out today. Thanks. " - Valleri Sauro, Composer

"I was very pleased with the number of people who want a copy of my cd. I plan to register again when our new CD is released in a couple of months." - Andy Douglas, Dreamwind Band

"I must say that the program (CD Register) definitely reaches radio and media people. I have had 19 responses, requesting for my new CD and have responded by sending my CD over to mostly the USA and Australia with one from the UK. A couple of them responded to acknowledge receipt and 'promised' to load it into their programming. ILR (Australia) has played once and put one of the tracks in its playlist. And the most useful so far has been the UK respondent that actually took time to listen and made a critical review." - Martin Adu

"Since signing on, I'm getting between 10 and 20 requests a week for our cds" - Mr. Jimi, Ariana Records

"Just wanted to let you know that I was contacted today by Yellow Beat radio about sending them some cds for consideration for their playlist. They heard of me and checked out my site because of your Free Music Report. So thanks!" - Milinda Allen

"This is a wonderful service. Thank you." - Jermaine Archibald

One Church has had great success with your services. I believe we have been contacted by 11 radio stations and 10 of them picked us up. Three of those are large market stations. Since we are a Christain group we probably do not get as many request as main stream music groups would receive. We have one song which has climbed into the top ten in The world independent Music Market in Newcastle Autralia.Yes it has been sucessful. I know that there are 100's of christain stations out there I hope you reach more of them. 11 stations contacting us is not very many (but) the percentage of acceptance is great. If we would keep the same percentage rate to over 100 stations we would then achieve being heard all over. - Joe May, One Church

"..So far it's been pretty cool. All very positive I actually got a call today from 507 records. They're interested in doing a test distribution run so we'll see how that turns out. Plus received a bunch of requests for CD's from internet radio stations." - Sharon, Motorbaby

"I think the CD Register is brilliant. I have had requests from USA and Australia and have had great exposure because of it. It is a great service and one I would Highly recommend :)" - JJ kane, Caravan Music Promotion

"It feels good thinking that some of my songs may be playing on the radio in places that I have never heard of and never been to." - Kurt, Kurt Patrick Geier

"Terrance, I can't believe the results in less than a week. We have already been asked to be on radio stations just from our sample cuts. Thanks so Much" - Joe May, Musician

"Our inbox has been insane....thanks a ton!" Bryan (aka EL BURRITO), REBO!

"I have nothing to say except, thank-you. Your organization has been very helpful to me in regards to my musical career. Thru this organization I have had request for my CDs from many colleges and other organizations in the United States." - Angel Tazari

"Just letting you know we are getting global results. Lets do more!" - Alan Gruskoff (Big Al)


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