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FOR radio station DJs, magazine Writers, film & T.V. Producers, and A & R Staff: Discover new Bands & Solo Artists! You'll be able to request FREE CDs that you find suitable for potential airplay, or review. To Subscribe, please go to www.FREEMusicReport.Org 

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"This is a great way to expose new artists and writers who are looking for the right avenue in which to share their talents. Hopefully the world will get to know them. We will do what we can to help." - Stephen A. Mosely, General Manager / Program Director, Unity Radio 107.1FM

"This is a great way for us to continually obtain new music and for artists to get a chance to be heard." - Kimberly McCarrick, Assistant Manager, Bridge FM

"What a great service!" - Jeff Schneider, True Life Coordinating Producer, MTV Networks

"I am excited to be working with Free Music Report! I look forward to the year ahead!" - Allyson Ota, Music Director, KTUH 90.3 FM


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