Put Your CD In The Hands Of The Right People!


We offer a complete promotional campaign through our FREE Music Report.

This is done by making your independently released CDs available to ..

DJs (community radio, college radio, internet radio, satellite radio, etc..)


Writers (magazines, zines, ezines, webzines, newspapers, etc..)  

We also provide you with sent responses from everyone who requests your CD. Promotion continues for approximately 90 days!

Note: Your CD does NOT have to be a new release to for a promotional campaign.



*Potential airplay from your CD on independent radio stations, and reviews in magazines where your music can get more exposure
*Potential interviews by DJs and Writers for even more exposure
*Build relationships with DJs and Writers
* DJs, and Writers go through a screening process to make sure they are legit
*Exposure online through our exclusive FREE Music Report
*Extra traffic to your web site or page where DJs and Writers will preview your music and find out more information before requesting a CD
*Ability to follow up with the DJs and Writers for future CD releases
*Knowing that you are sending your CD "Unsolicited", and it will most definitely get some attention


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