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In the music industry today less CDs are being sold and more downloads are being purchased. However, a major portion of music today is downloaded free. Unfortunately, not all of these sites are legal or ethical when downloading music free. There are some sites that do allow you to download music from Musicians and Bands who have given permission for fans to download their music. This is done through sites like Music Batch and other sites that allow users download music free. Click here for more free downloads

As a new generation of music listeners are growing up, the music industry seems to be on an ever changing path. With the decline in traditional CD sales, many stores have closed down. More people are shopping for music online, or just downloading the music for free. This has also had an affect on upcoming Musicians and Bands and Record Companies. Without income to support the music business, more music is unknown as Artists struggle to be heard. On a positive note, many Artists are getting their music heard through the internet. Unfortunately, the internet is saturated with music and good music doesn't always get heard without some serious marketing online and offline. Support your local musicians! In return many Musicians have agreed to share some of their music with you at no charge.

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