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We promote B
ands and Artists who want to grow their online presence with results Guaranteed through our effective services. Plus, we send traffic to your web site by the thousands!

Our customers get valuable backlinks throughout the internet allowing your web traffic grow naturally, and search engine ranking to improve! With "Blast The Web" you can stand out from the crowd. Your title, description, and web site or page link will be submitted to hundreds of the best places online! We work with everyone from small businesses to independent musicians and bands while covering hundreds of topics.

Regular Submissions Of Your Message and Link Includes:

Account Set Up Along With A 30 Day Submission Campaign with full report provided
Message Optimization With Relevant Keywords by our professional marketing staff
10,000 Guaranteed Human Hits when we send traffic to your web site or page!
Submissions To Every Major Search Engines including Google, Yahoo!, Bing, etc...
Submissions To 5000+ Top Quality Directories (we handle all submission confirmations!)
30+ Submissions To Additional Search Engines to reach even more people online
Improve Ranking in search engines by building one-way incoming links (more backlinks!)
 Get More Web Site Visitors Naturally without having to pay per click or advertise online
Perfect To Use For your web site, your sales page, YouTube channel, or any web site
Save Time And Effort while benefiting from immediate and long term results!
Submission Report Provided showing your results for your completed campaign

We do all the work while you benefit from the immediate and long term results! Your message is optimized for all submission work with relevant text and keywords to improve your search engine ranking, plus exposure. It's easy, you simply tell us your message and link. We will then optimize your message and complete the submission process! This saves you valuable time and effort by using our guaranteed services.

Your submission campaign will be completed by our team of professionals over a 30 day campaign. We will also provide you with a full report of the submission work completed for you.

COST: The total cost is only $77

Additional Services (optional): *Deluxe Submissions of your message includes 300 posted blog comments and submissions to 40 Social Bookmarking Sites for thousands of backlinks and ranking power ($20) *You Get "The Works" with valuable backlinks from Web 2.0 articles, PDF Distribution Sites, Wiki Sites, Web 2.0 profiles, Forum profiles and more. You also receive a Site Optimization Review which will not only will tell your website's strength, weakness and suggestions, we also analyse your website's top 10 competitors with your primary keyword. If You Are Really Serious About Ranking Then This Is a Must! ($30) Highly Recommended!.

Bonus Ebook Included With Each Package: With each order we decided to include a copy of this easy-to-read Ebook so you can not only learn valuable info. about Search Engine Optimization, but use this to your advantage starting immediately. This Ebook offers solid information and advice that you can benefit from greatly! This Ebook has a value of $27.00 (Included free!)

EXTRA Bonus Ebook Included With Each Package: List building is something that every serious online marketer must know to maximize efforts while gaining traffic, building fans and loyal customers, plus driving sales. This valuable Ebook will offer solid information and advice that you can use to build a large audience! Value $17.00 (Included free!).


100% Satisfaction Guarantee: We hope to work with you now, and again as a satisfied customer who comes back again. We are confident that you will be fully satisfied with our services. If you do not receive the number of submissions we guarantee with your order, you are entitled to get your money back in full, and KEEP your Bonus Ebooks. Don't miss out! Get started today with No risk to you.

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INSTRUCTIONS TO SIGN UP: Signing up is simple. Just follow these 3 steps.

1.) Complete the form below       2.) Select your package option       3.) Send payment

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Note: This service is designed for anyone with a message to share and a link to send people to. Once these 3 steps are completed, we'll start the submission process soon after. You will also receive a full report of all completed submissions after your campaign. Thanks!



 *Your Name:   Please use your real name
*Your Email:  Where we can reach you
*Your Message Title:    

*Your Message (what do you have to say to the world?):  



 Include keywords
*Your Web Link:   For submitting everywhere
 Category:   For our reference


IMPORTANT: Your Message Title and Message will be optimized for all submission work. This may mean making necessary changes to help improve your search engine ranking and exposure.

Notice: Your name and email address will be kept strictly private and confidential, and we will Never share your private information with anyone online or offline (period). We look forward receiving your submission info. and order, and working with you. Thanks!



Question: Please explain! Where will my message and link be submitted to?
Our team will submit your message and link to all top search engines, provide submissions to over 5000 top quality directories, plus over 100 additional search engines, and we guarantee 10,000 human hits to your web site. You also have the option to upgrade and get 300 blog comments posted, and submissions to 40 social bookmarking sites. However, if you are looking for the Ultimate SEO campaign then "The Works" option is for you for valuable backlinks from Web 2.0 articles, PDF Distribution Sites, Wiki Sites, Web 2.0 profiles, Forum profiles and more. In addition we provide you with a full report on submission work that is completed.

Question: Where does the traffic you send come from?
Answer: We send guaranteed human hits to your web site through interstitial advertising, and guarantee at least 10,000, when you use this service.
 You will also receive a tracking Url to see your statistics to see how many hits you receive.

Question: Who is this service available for?
Answer: We provide services for virtually any business, musician or band, online marketer, or anyone else who wants to "Blast The Web" by submitting their message and link where it matters most. We can help you increase your search engine ranking, and exposure both in the short term, and for years to come when you use our service.

Question: Will this work for promoting my YouTube video?
Answer: Yes! This will work for your YouTube video, or any video page you would like to promote! However, your video may not run ads on it due to the strict policies by Google Adwords. Note: Traffic will be delivered as YouTube views by utilizing our partner service Unlimited Viewers, and offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on your number of views (10,000 or more).

Question: How much work is required on my end?
Answer: If you have a message you want to get out, and if you have a link for people to click, then we can help. Simply use the sign up form to submit your message and link and complete your payment. We will take it from there and do all the work!
By providing this valuable service, we will complete a vast amount of promotional work for you. 

IMPORTANT: We avoid all black hat directories and places that look like spam.

Question: How much does this service cost?
Answer: Currently the price is only $77. This is a one time fee, however you are welcome to sign up again to continue services for maximum results. In addition you receive our 100% money back guarantee.

Question: Will I get any spam from other companies by using this service?
Answer: No. Absolutely not.
Your name and email address will be kept strictly private and confidential, and we will Never share your private information with anyone online or offline (period).

Question: Will you use the exact message I fill out the Submission Form?
Answer: It depends.. If we get an order from a customer in Los Angeles that wants us to use the message "I Rock, Check Out My Site" we know that won't really get any results. So, instead we would take that and turn it into something that would actually help get web traffic like... "Los Angeles Rock Artist Releases Great New Album". As you can see, we would turn this into something with relevant keywords that people might type in search engines. Ex: This artist would now have an opportunity for top Google results for when people search for "Los Angeles Rock Artist"... which is much better for marketing purposes.

Question: How long will it take for your "Blast The Web" Team to complete submission services?
Answer: Once we receive your order, you can expect services to begin in as little as 72 hours, and your submission campaign will last for up to 30 days until all submissions are fully completed. We look forward to providing you with a full report of completed submissions. You also get a confirmation email immediately confirming that your order has been placed. 

Question: How do I sign up?
Signing up is simple! Fill out our secure "Message And Link Submission Form", select your "Blast The Web" package, and make your one time payment. That's it!

Question: Do you offer customer service and support?
Answer: Yes! We are available to answer any further questions. Feel free to call (586) 480-3000 to speak with a live customer service representative. You can also send email to go@3000records.com with any further questions. 

Question: This is the best service I have seen for anyone serious about promoting a message and link online! Do you have an easy way for me to share this with my friends?
Answer: Yes! Part of the reason our services are priced so low is because we don't spend much on advertising. Instead, we rely on folks like you to tell their friends, and other people to help get the word out! Just use one of these links below:

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Confidentiality Agreement: 3000 Records respects your privacy. We will protect and keep your private information confidential at all times, Period. We have worked with and earned the trust of thousands of customers over the years through our promotional projects. We look forward to helping you reach thousands through our "Blast The Web" submission services online!


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