TERMS OF AGREEMENT: Welcome To INDIE 360 by 3000 Records: It is necessary to have a legal agreement to do this sort of thing. Fortunately, it's a basic agreement. If you have any questions simply contact us.
This agreement is entered into by 3000 Records and all participating bands (Participants) on a Co-Op CD (CD) to be released by 3000 Records with each Participant's original music. I. 3000 Records will not be held responsible for: Lost copies of any music material (CD, CD-R, or other forms of media) in the mail. II. Each Participant will reserve their space on the CD by completing step 1 in the Information Packet. Failure to send in forms, provide music for the CD, or pay the complete balance for any money owed will result in losing the reserved space on the CD. III. Each Participant will keep full rights to their own music on the CD. Neither 3000 Records nor any Participants appearing on the CD has the right to reprint or reissue the CD in it's contents without consent of 3000 Records, each Participant, and song Owner with music on the CD. Participants and song Owners with music to be on the CD have all necessary consents, authorization and licensing to permit 3000 Records to include the song(s), names, and related information on the CD. IV. Music material sent to 3000 Records will be returned to Participants upon request for a $5 handling free. V. A minimum of 3000 copies of each Co-Op CD will be manufactured. VI. For each regional Co-Op CD released, 3000 Records will send the CD to a minimum of 100 independent radio stations, 30 magazines, 15 record companies,  and 5 film & T.V. productions companies. In addition, for each regional Co-Op CD released, 3000 Records will distribute 200 copies to Members of the 3000 Records Street Teams, 200 copies to Record Stores, 200 copies to music industry resources and other attendees at Music Conferences, 200 copies to participants and audience members at Open Mics, and 30 copies to CD Giveaway Contest Winners. Any copies not used, or left over from the previously mentioned resources will be used for additional promotional Resources. Up to 20 copies may be kept for storage, reference, and future use by 3000 Records.
Participants may purchase the complete list of promotional contacts for the Co-Op CD project being participated in. VII. 3000 Records will promote Participants to at least one contest, and other promotional opportunities that are currently available. VIII. Each Participant on the CD will receive 100 copies of the CD, and 1 reference copy of the Band / Artist Description Sheet, Promotional Flyer, and INDIE 360 Press Release. VIIII. 3000 Records and the Participants agree that this CD shall be used for promotional purposes. No royalties shall be paid.

This agreement may be amended by mutual written agreement of the parties involved. Every Artist, and Song Owner of music to be on the CD has read, understands, and agrees to these terms