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How much does participating in the RADIO NOW! Co-Op CD project cost?

The expenses of this project are shared by all participants! We press up a different Co-Op CD for each region we promote to. There is a minimal cost per band to participate in each regional Radio Now! Co-Op CD project. 

Sign up for just 1 region, 2 regions, or both regions for maximum exposure. Each Region you sign up for includes our complete services, along with your reserved (guaranteed) space on a Co-Op CD! Reserving your space on a Co-Op CD is RISK FREE and you are completely protected with our money back guarantee, by offering a 100% refund any time before the Co-Op (your song will be included on) goes into production.

The Cost Is:
Administrative Fee - $25
Participation Fee - $45
Mastering Service Fee - $5

The Total Cost for participation in a Radio Now! Co-Op CD Project = $75 per region.

Co-Op CD Project Participation Cost You save
Radio Now! USA / Canada / Asia / Japan $75 -
Radio Now! Europe / Australia / Africa / South America / Antarctica $75 -
Both Regional Radio Now! CDs  Maximum Exposure (7 Continents) $135 $15

Note: Money is NOT due all at once!! You only pay $25 Administrative Fee to register and reserve your guaranteed space on a Co-Op CD. The $45 Participation Fee and $5 Mastering Service Fee will NOT be due for 30 days once your  registration is completed. You will also receive an exclusive opportunity to order the following products and services (Optional): A second song on the compilation CD ($50), the complete list of college & independent radio stations and magazines ($15), deluxe professional mastering ($15), 20 copies of the Co-Op CD ($25 plus S&H), and extra time if needed ($10 per 30 seconds over 4 min.). There are NO hidden costs whatsoever.

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