Rep Program Rules & Terms Of Agreement

Below are some simple but important rules, and the terms of this Rep Program. Please read them carefully, and contact 3000 Records with any questions.

The #1 Rule - DO NOT SPAM (any Rep caught spamming will be disqualified, and will not be paid for any leads previously generated)

Rule #2 - One Lead One Email. In other words, the same person cannot send 10 responses from different email addresses.

Rule #3 - Be fair. No tricking people into sending an email to your Email Tracking ID. This email address is to be used for promotion to Bands & Artists only. They MUST understand that they will be sent an Info. Packet if they send an email to your Email Tracking ID. If we suspect any "foul play", your leads will not qualify.

THE LEGAL STUFF: 3000 Records agrees to pay REP the amount of $.25 per lead generated from an "Email Tracking ID". Payments will be made to REP each month in the form of a check. Payments will be sent to the mailing address of the REP. 3000 Records reserves the right to discontinue the Rep Program at any time with or without notice. 3000 Records reserves the right to terminate REP for any reason deemed appropriate by 3000 Records. REP may discontinue providing leads at any time with or without notice to 3000 Records. 3000 Records and REP agrees to these terms, and agrees to follow the rules listed above. The Rep Program Rules and Terms Of Agreement may be changed, and additions may be made from time to time. REP will be responsible to follow any additional rules, and must agree to all additions. 3000 Records will make an effort to notify REP of any changes or additions.

We hope you will MAKE LOTS OF MONEY. Use every method available and create new methods for generating leads by connecting with Bands & Artists everywhere.