A Co-Op CD Project for Independent Bands & Artists!

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Here's How It Works: You promote Indie 360 to Bands & Artists online and offline and earn $.25 for every inquiry (lead). For example if you get 100 musicians to request an Info. Packet you earn $25. Payments are sent monthly.

Here's What You Get: First we generate your own Email Tracking ID (ex: JohnSmith@3000Records.com). The Email Tracking ID allows you to promote anywhere, and we can track your leads! You get paid each month for all generated leads. Add your Email Tracking ID to any form of advertisement!

*Use our pre-made flyer to print and distribute in your area **Promote with our pre-made email ads ***Promote on your own web page with our pre-made html code ****Promote with word of mouth *****Promote using any creative methods you can come up with..

All you have to do is get interested Bands & Artists to request an Info. Packet. When they send an email to your Email Tracking ID "YourName@3000records.com", the Info. Packet is automatically sent to them.

If you are interested in becoming a Rep fill out the form below.


Rep Application:

Full Name:

Email Address:

Phone Number:

Mailing Address: (Included Country)

If you had to come up with a marketing plan for promoting to Bands & Artists in your area what would it be? Be specific.

How will you promote to Bands and Artists online? 

Mention any promotion or marketing experience you have..

Be sure to read our Rules & Terms Of Agreement. Please double check all contact information for accuracy then submit your application.

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