INDIE 360 - A Co-Op CD Service For Independent Bands & Artsits

Organized and Distributed by 3000 Records


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COMPILATION CD FORMING NOW: ATTENTION BANDS & ARTISTS! Get your music exposed to Radio Stations, Magazines, Record Companies, Film & T.V Production Companies, Street Teams, Record Stores, Music Conferences, Open Mics, CD Giveaway Contest Winners, plus more..

ABOUT THE PROJECT: 3000 Records has been organizing compilations since 1996. Currently we have established a Co-Op CD project called INDIE 360. This project is an affordable way for serious independent Bands & Artists from around the world to gain serious exposure!  

We only send music to music industry contacts who want to receive music from 3000 Records, therefore the CDs are sent unsolicited. This increases the chances of your music getting the attention deserved. It is our goal that the Bands & Artists on these CDs gain maximum exposure through the distribution of these CDs. This is done through the possibility of airplay, magazine reviews, a record deal, Film and T.V. licensing, and increasing awareness to the public. We also send the CDs to other valuable resources like Street Teams, Record Stores, Music Conferences, Open Mics, the Winners of our CD Giveaway Contest, plus other Promotional Contacts. Since each participating Band & Artist gets copies, there is cross-promotion by everyone who participates. Think of this as a promotional vehicle transporting your music into the hands of people who can make a difference in your music career.

REGIONS: Get the most exposure for your music on "Radio Now!" sent to promotional contacts in the following regions: USA / Canada / South America / Antarctica, Europe / Australia / Africa / Asia / Japan


*An Excellent opportunity to get your music played on college & independent radio stations, along with satellite radio, plus online stations

*The Possibility of having your music reviewed in magazines, zines, and online magazines

*A Chance to get “discovered” by Record Companies looking to sign new Bands & Artists

*A Great way to get noticed by Film & T.V Production Companies with a possibility of having your song used for film or TV

*Get exposure to new listeners when flyers and CDs are distributed by our Street Team 

*Get exposure to new listeners when the CDs are given away at Record Stores

*Get exposure when the CDs are passed out at Music Conferences to people in the music industry, and those who attend

*Get exposure when the CDs are handed out at Open Mics to musicians and the audience

*Get exposure to Winners of our CD Giveaway Contest

*Your music digitally mastered in a professional music studio

*A professional product you can use to promote your music locally, or while on tour

*Get more exposure through the pooled resources and cross-promotion between all of the Bands and Artists on the CD. For example: When you promote the CD, you are also promoting all the other Bands & Artists and vice-versa

*Online exposure through Top Search Engines, Email, Newsgroups, Messageboards, plus Your Link on our web sites

*Exposure through our Digital Partnership Program where you earn 100% of the profit for every one of your songs that are sold in download format

*Exposure through the FREE Music Report sent to independent radio stations and magazines

*An opportunity to make new connections with the other participating Bands & Artists

*Access to our list of independent radio stations, satellite radio stations, online stations, magazines, zines, online magazines, record companies, film & T.V. production companies

* You only need to include 1 song to participate. If you have an entire CD already recorded, you can use this project to promote your full length CD, or your soon to be released CD!!

*It's a smart way to get your music heard & get results!

IT'S ALL INCLUDED (Complete Services):

>First we have your song digitally mastered by our Sound Engineer using Pro-Tools and other professional studio equipment for "Basic" mastering (matching volume levels between your song and the other songs on the CD.)! 

-To ensure the quality of your song, we offer "Deluxe" mastering at no additional charge.

>Then we add your song on 3000 copies of a Co-Op CD (including B&W printing on the CD, clear vinyl sleeve with flap and CD insert to be used for promotion with other great Bands & Artists. We also include your information on our Promotional Flyer and Band & Artist Description Sheet (which also contains contact info. for the radio stations and magazines)

>Your song gets sent on the Co-Op CD to 150 College & Independent Radio Stations, along with satellite and online radio, Magazines, Record Companies, and Film & T.V. Production Companies (each Music Industry Contact will receive 1 free copy of the CD, Band & Artist Description Sheet, and an INDIE 360 Press Release)

>We distribute 2830+ copies to Members of our Street Teams, Record Stores, Music Conferences, Open Mics, Winners of our CD Giveaway Contest, Participating Bands & Artists, plus other Promotional Contacts

>You get 100 copies of the CD to use for promotion by giving the CDs away at your gigs, local record stores, or any other location you decide! You also get a copy of the Band & Artist Description Sheet, Press Release, and Promotional Flyer

>We create a web page to promote the Co-Op CD in search engines, email, newsgroups, and messageboards. AND we will add your permanent web link on the INDIE 360 web site, and the 3000 Records web site (for anyone looking for more information about your music)

>You'll get at least 90 days of exposure through our Random Link Generator located on the homepage of the INDIE 360 web site. (This Random Link Generator is also included on the 3000 Records homepage, and BandLinks.Org homepage.)

>The exclusive option to participate in our Digital Partnership Program where we promote your music and help to sell your downloads online. You will be paid 100% of the profit for every download sold! See

>The exclusive option to list your full length CD in the FREE Music Report sent to independent radio stations and magazines who may contact you to request your CD! See

> We print and send 500 promotional flyers to be distributed to various locations in regional areas by our Street Teams

>A complete list of our established contacts including the addresses of independent radio stations, satellite radio stations, online stations, magazines, zines, online magazines, record companies, and film & T.V. production companies. This list is sent electronically in mailer label format so you can follow up with these contacts for additional promotion!!!

100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Once you are registered, your space on a Co-Op CD is GUARANTEED. We offer a 100% money back guarantee any time before the Co-Op (your song will be included on) goes into production. There is absolutely NO RISK to register.

COST: There is a minimal cost per Band / Artist to participate on a Co-Op CD!

The Cost Is:
Registration Fee - $40
Participation Fee - $240

The Total Cost for participation in the INDIE 360 Co-Op CD Project = $280 plus Shipping & handling ($15 US & International). There are No Hidden Costs whatsoever.

Note: It is completely up to you how your song is recorded. Check out

INSTRUCTIONS: This is much easier than it looks! Follow the brief instructions below.

REGISTRATION: The deadline to register is January 15th, 2005 (No Delays Please!!)
- Complete The Registration Form Below
- Submit Your Registration Fee Payment ($40)

Once your registration is complete, your spot on the Co-Op CD will be reserved. 

-You will then have until February 15th to complete the Participation Form, make your final payment ($240 plus shipping & handling), and send your song on CD or CD-R.  

To Register Visit 


Question: I still don’t get it, explain this to me again?
Answer: Indie 360 is a project by an independent record company called 3000 Records. We help independent Bands & Artists get exposure by including 1 song on a Co-Op CD (compilation). The CDs are distributed free to people in the Music Industry, and the general public. Being on our Co-Op CD allows you to get your music heard by 1000’s of listeners, including people who can make a difference in your music career.

Question: OK, where exactly will these CDs be distributed?
Answer: We send the CDs to locations around the world including Radio Stations, Magazines, Record Companies, Film & T.V Production Companies, Street Teams, Record Stores, Music Conferences, Open Mics, Winners of our CD Giveaway Contest, plus participating Bands & Artists. To see examples visit

Question: What about Copyrights?
Answer: Participants will keep all rights to their own music. Our Terms of Agreement are non-exclusive. That is the best kind of agreement out there!!! Though recommended, it is not a requirement to Copyright your music to participate in this Co-Op CD project. 

Question: What happens after I register to reserve my space?
Answer: Once you register, your space on a Co-Op CD will be reserved. You will have until the final deadline to send in your music on CD or CD-R, along with your final payment.

Question: What if spaces become full, or not enough Bands & Artists register by the deadline?
Answer: These CDs are organized by volume number such as RADIO NOW! (Vol. 1,2,3,4..etc). If spaces on a CD become full, the Band or Artist will get an immediate space reserved on the next CD (the next volume number). If not enough Bands & Artists register, there will be a deadline extension to allow more Bands & Artists to sign up..

Question: How much time do I get on the CD?
Answer: Songs must be 4 minutes and 20 seconds or less. Due to limited space, there will be a minimal cost for songs that go over the time allowed.

Question: Who else is going to be on the CD, and what are the music styles?
Answer: Most music styles are accepted. We feature a wide variety of music genres on each CD!  

Question: Do I need to send in my CD, or demo before I can participate?
Answer: No. We find that those who choose to participate are serious and enthusiastic Bands & Artists. Most are very talented, some just plain gifted. We will reserve the right to refuse any music we do not find appropriate for this project.

Question: Which song should I include on the Co-Op CD?
Answer: It is up to each participating Band & Artist which song they would like to include.
You should probably use the song that best represents your music. Consider using a song that you would use on a "single".

Question: Can my song have swearing in it?
Yes, as long as the swearing is "bleeped" out or edited. DJs will not play your song if your song has audible swearing. If you cannot fix this, use a different song.

Question: What does the Registration Fee, and Participation fee cover?
Answer: We have many expenses in funding this project, and even the little things really add up fast. Expenses are kept very low, so there are no unnecessary charges to you. The list of expenses is as follows... 

*Top quality CD manufacturing *Type-setting/Layout *CD mastering (engineer + studio-time) *Vinyl sleeves *CD inserts *Shipping materials (boxes, bubble wrap envelopes, tape, printing labels, etc..) *Shipping (US & International) *Our PO Box rental *Office supplies (computers, telephones, etc…) *Web site development *Web hosting *Auto-responder subscription *Our toll free number *Long distance phone bill (US & International) *Advertising budget (magazine ads, internet ads, flyers, etc…) *Gas money *AND of course our hard working staff working on the organization, distribution of the CDs and other promotional materials *Plus other misc. expenses

To Register Visit 

We offer 100% support anytime you have questions. Feel free to get in touch through the contact information below.

USA / CANADA Call Toll Free: 1-888-INDIE-360 (1-888-463-4336)
All other Countries Call: 1-586-480-3000

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