Question: What expenses does 3000 Records incur?
Answer: We have many expenses in funding this project, and even the little things really add up fast. The list of expenses is as follows... 

*Top quality CD manufacturing *Type-setting/Layout *CD mastering (engineer + studio-time) *Vinyl sleeves *CD inserts *Shipping materials (boxes, bubble wrap envelopes, tape, printing labels, etc..) *Shipping (US & International) *Our PO Box rental *Office supplies (computers, telephones, etc…) *Web site development *Web hosting *Auto-responder subscription *Our toll free number *Long distance phone bill (US & International) *Advertising budget (magazine ads, internet ads, flyers, etc…) *Gas money *AND of course our hard working staff working on the organization (this Information Packet was written from scratch), distribution of the CDs and other promotional materials (Our connections built from the ground up) *Plus many other miscellaneous expenses

US/CA Toll Free Phone: (888) 463-4336

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