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An Independent Shared Record Company!

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3000 Records
PO Box 182492, Shelby Twp., MI 48318
Phone: 1-888-463-4336



Contact: Terrance Schemansky
Office: 1-888-463-4336
Mobile: 1-586-480-3000

Independent Musicians From Around The World Unite

11/15/04  Shelby Township, Michigan!  -  Bands & Artists from around the world have come together through a new Co-Op CD project by 3000 Records. The project is called “Indie 360” (Independent 360 degrees). The Co-Op CDs are titled “Radio Now!” and “Buzz Songs”. Both CDs contain music from many genres and of different quality. The common ground these Bands & Artists share is that they are all Independent Musicians and desire for their music to have the chance to be heard.

Musicians who desire an outlet for their music, and fans who want to hear original songs without the corporate flair have found a solution. 3000 Records organizes and distributes the CDs to independent radio stations, magazines, and many other promotional contacts. These CDs are available to the public through many outlets including the CD Giveaway Contest online (, Street Team Members, and the Bands & Artists themselves during live performances. Radio Now! (Volumes 1 & 2) and Buzz Songs (Volumes 1 & 2) are currently available.

The company “3000 Records” was started by a musician, naturally! Terrance Schemansky who is in Michigan Band “Deron 5L” started the label back in 1996. The first Co-Op CD was put together in Kalamazoo, MI with flyers and word of mouth. "Actually, after losing a promised spot on a Co-Op CD, I decided to start up my own." Here it is 8 years later, and independent Bands and Artists from around the world are gaining recognition with 3000 Records.

3000 Records has accomplished the trust of over 150 Bands & Artists since the first release 8 years ago. This promotional service is a smart way to help Independent Bands & Artists gain the exposure they deserve. For further information contact Terrance at 1-888-463-4336.



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