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News Continued...

**3000 Records has a new web site BandLinks.Org where Bands and Artists may add a link to their web site free. Add your link at

**Push Play Volume 1 and Radio Now! Volume 4 are currently in the mastering process. We are excited for the release of these new CDs, to be used for promotion to independent music industry contacts world wide!

** CD Register, a new service by 3000 Records, is currently ready for another exciting issue of the FREE Music Report. This issue will go to an even bigger list of music industry contacts in May. Got a CD Out? Take the Next step. Get Listed! Visit 

**3000 Records now has 2 new staff members. Bradford Hollingsworth recently finished working for the management company that manages Uncle Kracker here in Michigan, and before that worked in the promotions department for Jive Records in New York. He is very excited to work on the more independent side of things, and that is why he's working for 3000 Records! Sean Archer has also joined the team. He currently owns a music studio, and is an Artist / Vocalist himself. Having 2 new enthusiastic staff members means much more promotion for the Bands and Artists, and faster results for everybody.

** MTV has sent over the official contract for The Band "Crimes Of The Conspiracy". It took awhile for our MTV contact to get back in touch about sending a contract, but now that an actual contract has arrived, this is official! This is just one of the benefits of being on a 3000 Records compilation. I've also been notified that MTV is interested in receiving all future compilations, for consideration on their reality shows. That means that all Bands and Artists on Radio Now! Volume 4 and Push Play Volume 2 will have their music sent to MTV producers.

**Radio Now! Volume 4 is over half full, and this will be the biggest project Ever since 3000 Records began in 1996. It's not too late to get a space on this awesome project. Visit to go backstage and get the official "Info Packet" to sign up. We're also working on Push Play Volume 2 at this time.

**3000 Records has teamed up with a company called True Independent to offer an incredible opportunity for Bands & Artists to sell their digital downloads and keep 100% of the profit. This is being done through our Digital Partnership Program. You can add your music at 

**Radio Now Volume 3 is back from the mastering studio, and has been sent to the Manufacturer. See The LIst Of Bands & Artists

**A great new service has been launched by 3000 Records called FREE Music Report. This report goes out to interested music industry contacts, who may request CDs from Bands & Artists! Visit 

**A press release was distributed recently about the latest "Radio Now" CD releases. View Press Release

**3000 Records introduces our Digital Partnership Program, a revolutionary new project where Bands & Artists can get their music distributed digitally, and earn royalties for every download sold. Find out more.

**RADIO NOW! Volumes 1 and 2 are back from the manufacturer. These CDs will be distributed for promotion by November 15th. Volume 2 features Dellie Hoskie, an Artist who's record sold over 1,000,000 copies back in the early 70's.

**RADIO NOW! 1 and 2 will be back from the manufacturer by early  November! Bands can expect their copy(s) soon after.

**INDIE 360 is officially up and running. This new project title combines all Co-Op CDs into one current project. Including RADIO NOW! and BUZZ SONGS, plus future Co-Op CDs soon to be in progress.

**Original projects RADIO NOW! Volumes 1 and 2 are full. Future projects are in progress.

**Buzz Songs VOL. 1 recently promoted to college radio, and other independent stations, was also sent to some additional connections. A band on Buzz Songs Vol. 1 has been featured on a sports related episode on Fox Sports Network! See Brand New Low


**RADIO NOW! has expanded and new projects will be targeted by region. Interested bands Click Here

**800 copies of Buzz Songs Vol. 1 have  been distributed around the globe. All the bands have received their copies for promotion and sales. Promotion will take place with Buzz Songs VOL. 2 promotion, and include 50 stations instead of just 25 stations. Sorry for the delay! See The Complete List Of Bands!

***A new project called Acoustic Blend is being considered. This CD will feature selected acoustic sounding acts of various genres.

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