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About Darryl Hurd

Darryl Hurd has been a professional musician since he was 16. Later in life it was a natural step for him to transition into Radio. When Darryl came off the road at the age of 30, he realized that I could make a lot of money, but it took a lot of money to live on the road. He was broke, so he decided to try his hand at Radio. His first job was at a small FM station in Wilm., De. After one year, he was Operations Manager of a larger News Talk station in the Phila. market. This transitioned into several other stations in the area.

Currently Darryl has his own radio program called The INtro! The INtro first went on the air in August 1985. It is a radio program, consisting of hot, young, Christian music. He is dedicated to promoting the message of Salvation, Hope, Love and Forgiveness, through Jesus Christ. Read more info. about Darryl and The INtro

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