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Dear Band Or Solo Artist,

If you are reading this, it is because you have been invited to participate in a very unique and special opportunity. Please review this information, and the complete sign up process for this project. "Dance n.u.d.e.a." is a going to be a quality CD, and every artist is carefully selected. Please read through everything, and if you have any questions just get in touch. Thanks!

Warm Regards,


Terrance Schemansky
Director Of New Music, 3000 Records
(888) 282-3483



New Union of Dance & Electronic Artists - "Dance n.u.d.e.a."

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Important: You must be an invited artist to participate in this project. If you have not been selected to participate feel free to submit your song to 3000 Records for consideration. Contact 3000 Records

3000 Records is an organization that operates as a "shared" record label. Each artist that is invited to participate in a CD will be an equal share holder of the CD itself. Each band or solo artist on the CD will keep the rights to their music. This is for invited Bands & Solo Artists from around the world. If you are later offered a recording contract, or any other offer (management, promotion, etc....), there are no obligations on your part to 3000 Records.

We will promote the CD & participating bands & solo artists through a featured web page on our site. Links to the web sites of bands & solo artists will also be provided. In addition, the CD will list a notification that your full length CD is available online and select music stores! 

Participating bands & solo artists on the CD are encouraged to promote the CD (by word of mouth, flyers, internet, mail, etc...). When you promote a 3000 Records CD compilation, you're not only giving yourself exposure, your also promoting other artists on the CD..... and vice versa! This can become a large distribution chain if you add up all the bands and multiply that times all the CDs they will be selling or giving away along with 3000 Records.

Participating Bands & Solo Artists are also encouraged to sell their share of copies available to make a profit. CDs may be sold through various methods the participant chooses (through retail stores on consignment, through distributors, internet, gigs, etc....) Invited participants on the CD may purchase copies of the CD at wholesale (plus shipping) The recommended sale price is $10.99 each and up to $15. Each participating Band & Solo Artist will keep all profits from the sales of their copies. The CDs may also be given away to family/friends, music industry contacts, and others for promotional purposes.

About the CDs:  

Volume levels of each song will be matched (equal) during the digital mastering process. CDs will be of a high quality including the following: Professional graphic design - 2 color disc printing - 1 page booklet - Packaging in plastic jewel case.

Note: Bands & solo artists who are invited to participate are NOT obligated to make any CD purchases or pay any manufacturing fees, except we ask for help with mastering expenses.


The only expense that we ask your help with is $25 for mastering this CD in a professional music studio with an experienced sound engineer. Mastering will include matching volume levels, EQ, compression, and much more to ensure the high quality of this CD. This will include a free reference copy of the CD sent to you, including postage. Please feel free to contact us about this if you have any questions.

Wholesale CD Purchases:

Bands & solo artists who participate may purchase copies at wholesale prices. Sell your copies for a profit, or use them for promotion!

Prices are as follows:

1 9 Copies = $10.99 ea.

10 49 Copies = $3 ea.

50 99 Copies = $2.50 ea.

100 199 Copies = $2.00 ea.

200 1000 Copies = $1.50 ea.

For orders of more than 1000, please contact us. These prices do not include shipping. Shipping cost will vary depending on location, and quantity of CDs ordered. Your shipping cost will be calculated as your invoice is prepared.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: When is the project deadline?

Answer: Our project deadline is July 1st, 2004. This is the date that all music, the signed Terms Of Agreement, Sent payments (for mastering & CD orders) must be sent.

Question: What methods of payment do you accept?

Answer: We accept credit card payments online through PayPal, and Checks or Money Orders.

Question: What about Copyrights?

Answer: Participants will keep all rights to their own music. Should any band or solo artist be offered a recording contract, or other offers later (management, publishing, etc....), there are no obligations to 3000 Records.... (Do let us know though, because we want your testimonial). Our Terms of Agreement are NON-EXCLUSIVE. That is the best kind of agreement out there!!! Though recommended, it is not a requirement to copyright material for the CD.

Question: Who else is going to be on the CD?

Answer: Around 18 other excited bands and solo artists will be on the CD. If you want the list of participating Bands & Solo Artists, a complete list will be available on the 3000 Records web site once the CD goes into production.

Question: How much time do I get on the CD?

Answer: Songs must be 4:40 seconds or less.

Question: Do you have any references?

Answer: Definitely. One of the most recent projects is called listen n.u.d.e. There are many other references as well and you can review them at 

Please See Our Terms Of Agreement.

By clicking the Continue button below, you acknowledge that you have read, understand, and agree with the Terms Of Agreement.

Please continue ONLY If you are an invited band or solo artist AND you are ready to reserve your spot on "Dance n.u.d.e.a.".

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