Become A Indie 360 Staff Member!

Would You Like To Help Organize A Compilation CD?

You Get:

- 25 copies of a compilation CD to give away

- Earn $20 for each Band or Musician you refer that Registers to reserve a spot on the compilation

- Your own customized marketing web domain name, flyers, biz cards, and more!

Submit an application For review: (Name, etc... Do You have a printer?, experience?)

Questions and Answers.. Is there a fee? NO. You will be an offical Staff Member paid on a per referral basis. This is like owning your own business, but with our help.


Your In!

Here's how it works. You need to join us on our introductory team meeting over the phone.

- You get your choice of several domain names. Your domain will direct to the referral site which will track any Band or Musician referral you send. In other words, anytime you direct a Band or Musician to your domain, they will have the opportunity to sign up to reserve a spot on our next compilation CD. If they sign up to reserve a spot you get $20.

- Check out the service by reviewing the "Info. Packet" at

Additional Income:

We will let every Band you refer to us know about our service "CD Register". Your tracking domain will allow us to pay you for referring Bands to this service as well. In other words, the Bands you refer to the Indie 360 project will also have the chance to sign up for "CD Register". If they sign up for "CD Register" you will get paid a bonus of $10. This is in addition to any money earned by referring them to our compilation CD project "Indie 360".

Refer new staff... You can help us find new staff members and earn 5% of everything they earn. There are no strings attached to this. Simply tell others about our growing business and if they join us as a new staff member, you get 5% of every sale they refer for new registrations with "Indie 360" compilation CD project AND 5% of the sales they refer to "CD Register". - Have job sign up page application.. and ask in applicatoin "Who referred You"? Please provide us with the name of the person who invited you to apply for this job.

They fill out a brief form on our site. I then add them to the affiliate program if approved. I fill out the affiliate program form, and manuall send them their customized url.. and set up a complete web page for tips and help with promotions. Then then go out and get the business.

They go on the conference call.. I give them the run down.

OK, if you are ready to move forward just go to this is the employee section for 3000 Records.

OK, I'm opening the phone lines.. for any questions.

Once on - "I need to get my own domain name to use" click.. Please call (586) 480-3000. Then call back to ask.

Have flyers and complete info.

Make a special flyer for this, and use for setting up CD Duplicators


Set up your one on one meeting and from there you are an official employee.. This is a an over the phone interview 10 minutes. with each person over the phone..

only one employee may use each domain.. so once it's taken, the domain will not be available to anyone else. Select one domain you would like us to reserve for you. You will be using this domain to refer Bands and Musicians. This is the domain you will include on your business cards, flyers, web page, etc..

Have a drop down box with available domains... They select one domain.

Taken: (Bradford Hollingsworth) (Sarah Schemansky) (Liz Jennings)  indiemusicpromotion    

Available:      indie360online (Request This Domain)    musicpromotionbusiness (Request This Domain)

musicpromotionbiz     promotemymusic     promoteyourmusic     kompilation     musicpromotionproject     airplaypromotion