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Dear Band / Artist,

3000 Records has been helping Musicians since 1996. This service is designed to be an introduction to our complete services available through our largely distributed CD titled “Radio Now!”. This is for independent Bands & Artists from around the world!  All music styles are welcome. Think of this as a promotional vehicle transporting your music into the hands of people who can make a difference in your music career. Whether you have just one song recorded Or a single off your CD we can get your music noticed! We are ready to work hard for you.

Simply use the form below to sign up. Remember, once you are registered, your space on the next Co-Op CD will not only be reserved, but 100% guaranteed! If you have any questions visit our Questions & Answers Section. Feel free to call 1-888-Indie-360 (1-888-463-4336), or email 

Warm Regards,

Terrance D.  Schemansky

ABOUT "PUSH PLAY": Get your music heard through our introductory Co-Op CD project "Push Play". Each participating Band or Solo Artist gets copies! Then we take additional copies and send them to interested radio DJs, and other Music Industry contacts. This Co-Op CD project is not only effective music promotion, but it's truly Musicians helping Musicians! With everyone's participation you save time, energy, and money.

REGIONS: Get exposure for your music on "Push Play" sent to promotional contacts in the following regions:  USA  /  Canada  /  Europe  /  Australia


*Exposure at radio stations with an excellent opportunity to get your music played on college & independent radio stations, along with satellite radio, plus online stations  

*Airplay tracking so you can see where and when your song is played on the radio 

*Exposure to magazines with the possibility of having your music reviewed

*Exposure to Record Companies looking to sign new Bands & Artists

*Exposure to Film & T.V Production Companies with a possibility of having your song used for film or TV

*Exposure through online music promotion with a dedicated web page about the Co-Op CD submitted to top search engines and other web sites, Myspace.com, Yahoo! Groups, Messageboards, the 3000 Records Newsletter, plus Your web site link on our web sites (Indie360.com, and BandLinks.Org) both linked from the 3000 Records homepage, inclusion in our Random Link Generator, and free submission of your web site to Top Search Engines

*An opportunity to make new connections with the other participating Bands & Artists

*Access to our list of independent radio stations, satellite radio stations, online stations, magazines, zines, online magazines, record companies, film & T.V. production companies

*It's a smart and easy way to get your music heard & get results on a low budget!

WHAT'S INCLUDED (Complete Services And Cost):

>First we have your song included on a Co-Op CD with professional quality studio equipment by a Studio Engineer. This includes matching your song's volume levels to the other songs on the CD.

>Next we add your song on 300 copies of a Co-Op CD (including B&W printing on the CD, paper sleeve with window and flap, with sticker, and seal) to be used for promotion with other great Bands & Artists. We also include your information on a Band & Artist Description Sheet (which also contains contact info. for the radio stations and magazines).

>You get 10 copies of the CD. You also get a copy of the Band & Artist Description Sheet for your reference

>Then your song gets sent on the Co-Op CD to our established Contacts with the Music Industry, including 75 College & Independent Radio Stations, along with Satellite, Online radio, Podcasts, Magazines, Record Companies, and Film & T.V. Production Companies (each Music Industry Contact will receive 1 free copy of the CD, and Band & Artist Description Sheet)

>You Will Be Able To Monitor And Keep Track Of Airplay You Receive! (Includes 90 full days of tracking services through LiveWireMusician and ArtistMonitor!) You get your own username and password ..So you can see exactly where and when your song is played on the radio!

>We provide online music promotion by creating a web page about the Co-Op CD to promote your music online. We blast the page to hundreds of search engines. We also promote Co-Op CD along with your music through our record company promotions with Myspace.com, Yahoo! Groups, Messageboards, the 3000 Records Newsletter. Your Permanent Web Site Link will remain on our web sites 3000Records.com, Indie360.com, and BandLinks.Org (This Will Allow People To Easily Find More Info. About You And Contact You If Necessary) .

- Includes at least 90 days of exposure through our Random Link Generator located on the homepage of the INDIE 360 web site. (This Random Link Generator is also included on the 3000 Records homepage, and BandLinks.Org homepage). + Free submission of your web site to Top Search Engines!

COST PER BAND / SOLO ARTIST: There is a minimal cost to participate on a Co-Op CD!

The Cost Is:
Registration Fee - $20
Participation Fee - $118

The Total Cost for participation in this INDIE 360 Co-Op CD Project = $138 (plus $6 shipping & handling.)
There are No Hidden Costs whatsoever.

Additional Products & Services (Optional): *The complete list of Music Industry Contacts we will promote this CD to. Each address is printed on mailer labels for your convenience ($30) *Digital mastering at a professional music studio with high quality EQ, compression, and more to optimize the sound quality of your music ($50) 

Note: It is completely up to you how your song is recorded. Check out www.studiofinder.com

SATISFACTION 100% GUARANTEED: If you are not satisfied with our services, you may request a full refund anytime. Even if you decide you do not want to participate  after you register, we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee any time before the Co-Op (your song will be included on) goes into production. It's Simple.. Your space is automatically Reserved and Guaranteed (RISK FREE) once you register!

THE INSTRUCTIONS: This is much easier than it looks! Follow the brief instructions below.

Register Today  To Sign Up & Reserve Your Guaranteed Space!

1. Complete The Registration Form Below
2. Submit Your Registration Fee Payment ($20)

3. You will then have 30 days to send in your Participation Fee ($118), and send your song on CD or CD-R.

.. That's it. Easy as 1, 2, 3!!! We do the rest.

Click Here For The Questions & Answers Section. We're also happy to answer your questions in person. Feel free to Get In Touch.

(Credit card payments and checks or money orders are accepted. We also accept payments through PayPal.)



NOTE: Once your registration is complete, your spot on the Co-Op CD will be Reserved & Guaranteed. 

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