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REFER AN ARTIST OR BAND! Do you know someone who is a talented Artist or in a Band that should be on our next compilation? We can help them reach our big network of radio + music industry contacts plus 1000's of new listeners. We hope to include their music!

PLUS... When you refer a Musician or Band below, you will be directed to the confirmation page where you can submit your entry for a chance to win a free copy of "Travel Like A Rockstar ..On A Starving Artists Budget"!

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"You and your 3000 records team have done an outstanding job! I love it!! Absolutely love it! It is a honor and a pleasure for me to be part of something like this! Thanks allowing me to do so." - Kenneith Perrin, Musician

"Terrance, Just received Radio Now #1... Thanks for making a believer out of me... Project looks very good." - Dave Braulick, Musician

"I am proud to be part of such a variety of great music. Thank you very much." - Rodger Christmann, Musician



.. Another happy radio station:

"Hey guys, this is Chad from Indie Artist Radio. I wanted to say that for many years I have stuck by the opinion that "samplers" sent to radio stations are a huge waste of money for the sender and the artist. BUT I wanted to thank you for making me eat those words when I received your sampler. On the average samplers are just "crappy" in appearance and not something that screams "listen to me". I have to hand it to you for the quality work done on your sampler CD, it was nice to see something appealing come in the mail (and not weighed down with too much paper details). So Thank you for making a good product that appeals to radio. I even had to put a post on Sonicbids forums to tell artists how impressed I was with the quality, so good job and keep them coming :-)" - Chad, Indie Artist Radio

We spend a good amount of time finding new places we can send independent music (with permission) to help get independent music heard by new listeners. Through creative methods we help Musicians build more awareness about their music, earn fans, and build more connections. Indie 360 is a great for any serious Musician looking for more exposure, or a part time Musician looking for an easier way to promote music.



Indie 360 - Music Promotion for Independent Bands & Artists
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All other countries call: 1-586-480-3000

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