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Volume 5

Organized & Distributed by 3000 Records

Description: The list below contains links to the Bands and Artists on our compilation CD "Radio Now! Volume 5". The CD features various styles of music from around the world. Click on the links below to find out more information, or to contact a Band or Artist.


  1. Unknown Boy "Plastic Wings"

  2. Kama Linden "Uninhibited"

  3. Jim Gaven "I Think I Met My Match And Decided To Light It"

  4. Tagger 66 "Cinco De Mayo 2030"

  5. Terrance Damian "I Know You're Listening"

  6. ftprints11 "Numb"

  7. Doctor Sparkles "There's A Special Place In Hell"

  8. S4 "Wanna Ride"

  9. Robert Mouton "Drop The Bomb"

  10. Pazelee "Just Keep It Real (With Me)"

  11. Natchez "Steel Horses"

  12. Tenry Johns "So What"

  13. Skerlak Dead "Just Askin"

  14. Funky Mustard "My Hometown"

  15. Richard Jackson "Only For You"

  16. Oztronix Band "Virgin"

  17. After All These Years "Captain Morgan"

  18. Adrenaline Sky "Long Time Ago"

  19. Hoppers/Ray Hopper "Looking At The Sunset"

  20. Sean Archer "Fire"

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