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RADIO NOW! Volume 3

Organized & Distributed by 3000 Records

Description: This compilation CD contains various styles of music from Bands and Artists from around the world. Click on the links below to find out more information, or to contact them.

Bands listed are NOT in order of songs included on the CD


  1. Killer Squirrel “Spy v.s. Spy”

  2. Wise “F.B.I.”

  3. Pseudo “Loneheart”

  4. Out Of The Blue Without Warning"

  5. Christopher Boyce “Going For A Ride"

  6. BallsDeep "Blood Cell"

  7. Joseph A. Malgeri "I Cheated Myself"

  8. Crunch Mob “Street Metal"

  9. Mutant White Knuckle Drive"

  10. Collision Six San Diego July 3rd"

  11. Positive Nemesis "If You Were Here"

  12. Martin Jaye Always"

  13. PeryLme Mutile"

  14. 2 Side 1 Brain Beautiful Days"

  15. Aderrick Thirsty One"

  16. M.E. "Somebody Else's Girl"

  17. Cashmere "This Thing Called Unity"

  18. Gene Brown Has To Be Love"

  19. Doe Doe "She Likes Me Too"

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