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Vol. 9

A Compilation CD Organized & Distributed by 3000 Records


Description: The list below contains links to the Bands and Artists on our compilation CD "Radio Now! Vol. 9". The CD features various styles of music from around the world. Click on the links below to find out more information, or to contact a Band or Artist.


  1. Bozorius "Bass Brothers"

  2. TBT2B "The Moment Is Coming"

  3. Miguel Rodrigues "Chic's Road"

  4. Kamaria and Dancers "Tonight"

  5. David Statzer "I Refuse To Get The Blues"

  6. Elena Rose "Whatever"

  7. Lost October "Eyes"

  8. Love Hate Theory "Walking Away"

  9. Colleen C. Clark "Tango With The Devil"

  10. Alan Ichiyasu "Never Ever"

  11. Vishaun Kistan "A Better Day"

  12. Jamie Sparks "All I Need"

  13. David Hansen "All That I Could Give"

  14. GKG Blues Cats "Distant Ship"

  15. Late Model Humans "Invisible Prison"

  16. Jose H. Gutierrez "Nearing End of Journey"

  17. Jimmy Young "I Don't Wanna Be Alone"

  18. Linda Kay Burk "Butterflies Dance"


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