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Vol. 13

A Compilation CD Organized & Distributed by 3000 Records


Description: The list below contains links to the Bands and Artists on our compilation CD "Radio Now! Vol. 12". The CD features various styles of music from around the world. Click on the links below to find out more information, or to contact a Band or Artist.


  1. Rampant Band "17:26"

  2. Hank & The Hankstirs "Lisa Ann"

  3. Marco Conelli "That Was Yesterday"

  4. Dixieland Crackerjacks "Happy Dance"

  5. Alan Ichiyasu "Pull"

  6. Ricky Byrum "Whirlwind"

  7. The Ill Gospel  "Down Here"

  8. Manny Freiser "Amazing Love"

  9. Angel Blue And The Prophets Band "Bottom Of The Bottle Blues"

  10. Tuesday "Something Beautiful"

  11. The Blackketter Brothers Band "I've Got Yours"

  12. Asylum Bedlam "Don't Believe Them"

  13. Un Amor "Moliendo Cafe"

  14. Charles Watson & Hollow Council "Liquid Sin"

  15. The Confederacy "Spare Parts"

  16. Cabell "That Girl"

  17. Happyendless "Power Forever"

  18. Pandora Morcas "With Dignity"


Radio Now! Vol. 13 Is Available As A Free Album Download - click here


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