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Vol. 16

A Compilation CD Organized & Distributed by 3000 Records


Description: The list below contains links to the Bands and Artists on our compilation CD "Radio Now! Vol. 15". The CD features various styles of music from around the world. Click on the links below to find out more information, or to contact a Band or Artist.


  1. LeRocq "Rock To The Top"

  2. Bob Janis "This Little Spot"

  3. Skool "Electro Minded"

  4. Kevin A. Hall "God Bless Our Homeland"

  5. The Honor Roll "Brody"

  6. Sean Patrick "Looking To Fall"

  7. BatRacers  "She Might Be"

  8. Filippa Engellau "Fill Your Heart With Love"

  9. Inanna "You And Me Only"

  10. Taylor Dawn "City Lights"

  11. Dee Dee Downs "I Ain't No Cowboy"

  12. Nick Ellerstad "By Your Side"

  13. Maryellen McCabe "Prayer For The Dalai Lama"

  14. Filippa Engellau "Love Is Strong"

  15. Skool "Sex"

  16. Audie Smith "Doctors Orders"

  17. Duane Nickull "Howie The Skid"

  18. Carlo Acoustic Man "Let Me Cry"

  19. Mitch Vaughn "On The Outside Looking In"

  20. Just Isaac "My Child"


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