A Worldwide Music Promotion Project By 3000 Records


Question: I still don’t get it, explain this to me again?
Answer: Indie 360 is a service by an independent record company called 3000 Records. We help independent Bands & Artists get exposure by including 1 song on a Co-Op CD (compilation). The CDs are distributed free to people in the Music Industry, and the general public. Being on our Co-Op CD allows you to get your music heard by 1000’s of listeners, including people who can make a difference in your music career.

Question: OK, where exactly will these CDs be distributed?
Answer: The CDs are distributed worldwide, but mostly in the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, and Japan. We send the CDs to Radio Stations, Magazines, Record Companies, Film & T.V Production Companies, plus the participating Bands & Artists. To see examples visit www.examples.indie360.com  

Question: Wait just a minute. Is this some kind of scam?
Answer: Sounds like a good deal? That's because it is. Keep in mind this service is by Musicians for Musicians. We are totally legit, honest, and hard working people. See the complete list of Bands and Artists we've worked with since 1996 at www.3000records.com

Question: How can you allow ANY Band or Artist to sign up for this?
Answer: We get this question a-lot. In the last 10 years we have found that the Musicians who choose to participate are usually excellent. Our job is not to listen to CDs all day and decide who should and who should not sign up. Instead, we make sure that we do OUR job which is to promote the music and get the exposure you deserve. Some Musicians have expressed that they are "too good" to be on a compilation with just anyone.. This is not a project for egomaniacs or music snobs! This project is for realistic, dedicated, and talented Musicians with quality music.

Question: What about Copyrights?
Answer: Participants will keep all rights to their own music. Our Terms of Agreement are non-exclusive. That is the best kind of agreement out there!!! Though recommended, it is not a requirement to Copyright your music to participate in this Co-Op CD project. 

Question: What happens after I register to reserve my space?
Answer: Once you register, your space on our next promotional campaign will be reserved. You will have until the final deadline to send in your music on CD or CD-R, along with your final payment.

Question: What if spaces become full, or not enough Bands & Artists register by the deadline?
Answer: These campaigns are organized by volume number (Vol. 1,2,3,4..etc). If spaces on a Co-Op CD become full, the Band or Artist will get an immediate space reserved on the next CD (the next volume number). If not enough Bands & Artists register, there will be a deadline extension to allow more Bands & Artists to sign up..

Question: How long will I have to wait before my music is sent to the radio DJs and Music Industry contacts?
Answer: Each promotional campaign depends on how many participants we get, and how quickly they send in their music and final payment. To make things run effectively, this takes time and patience from everyone involved. Most promotional campaigns can take about 4 months of organization plus time for mastering, CD duplication, and shipping! We work hard to ensure things go as smoothly and quickly as possible. You are always welcome to check in with us, and ask how things are coming along.

Question: How much time do I get on the CD?
Answer: Songs must be 4 minutes and 20 seconds or less. Due to limited space, there will be a minimal cost for songs that go over the time allowed.

Question: Who else is going to be on the CD, and what are the music styles?
Answer: Most music styles are accepted. We feature a wide variety of music genres on each CD! Don't worry, since we include a Band / Artist Description Sheet for the radio DJs and Music Industry contacts they know what to expect when they listen to the CD. This gives everyone a fair chance at getting their song noticed.

Question: Do I need to send in my CD, or demo before I can participate?
Answer: No. We find that those who choose to participate are serious and enthusiastic Bands & Artists. Most are very talented, some just plain gifted. We will reserve the right to refuse any music we do not find appropriate for this service.

Question: Which song should I include on the Co-Op CD?
Answer: It is up to each participating Band & Artist which song they would like to include.
You should probably use the song that best represents your music. Consider using a song that you would use on a "single".

Question: Can my song have swearing in it?
Answer: Yes, as long as the swearing is "bleeped" out or edited. DJs will not play your song if your song has audible swearing. If you cannot fix this, use a different song.

Question: What does the Registration Fee, and Participation fee cover?
Answer: We have many expenses in funding this project, and even the little things really add up fast. Expenses are kept very low so there are no unnecessary charges to you. The list of expenses is as follows... 

*Top quality CD manufacturing *Type-setting/Layout *CD mastering (engineer + studio-time) *Plastic sleeves *CD inserts *Shipping materials (boxes, bubble wrap envelopes, tape, printing labels, etc..) *Shipping (US & International) *Our PO Box rental *Office supplies (computers, telephones, etc…) *Web site development *Web hosting *Auto-responder subscription *Our toll free number *Long distance phone bill (US & International) *Advertising budget (magazine ads, internet ads, flyers, etc…) *Gas money *AND of course our hard working staff working on the organization, distribution of the CDs and other promotional materials *Plus other misc. expenses

Question: What is the link to the "Info. Packet"?
Answer: The link is http://www.infopacket.indie360.com 


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