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We Provide USA Music Promotion, International Music Promotion, Music Retail Promotion, Street Team Promotion, Online Music Promotion, Film & T.V. Promotion, Record Company Promotion, and Radio Promotion and Music Marketing to the Music Industry and Fans! Reach new listeners while we help you get MORE exposure for your music 360 degrees around the globe.


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All Music Styles Are Welcome!

3000 Records Is Dedicated To Helping Independent Musicians & Bands! The company was started in 1996! Since then hundreds of Musicians and Bands have benefited from our music promotion services.

"You and your 3000 records team have done an outstanding job! I love it!! Absolutely love it! It is a honor and a pleasure for me to be part of something like this! Thanks allowing me to do so." - Kenneith Perrin, Musician

"Terrance, Just received Radio Now #1... Thanks for making a believer out of me... Project looks very good." - Dave Braulick, Musician

"I am proud to be part of such a variety of great music. Thank you very much." - Rodger Christmann, Musician


USA Music Promotion - Reach new listeners and fans throughout the USA with  cross-promotion (All USA participants get copies of the Co-Op CD "Radio Now!" featuring your music) between all participating USA Musicians, exposure to USA radio DJs.

International Music Promotion - Reach new listeners and fans throughout Canada, Europe, and Australia with cross promotion (All international participants get copies of the Co-Op CD "Radio Now!" featuring your music) between all participating International Musicians and Bands, exposure to International radio Djs.

Music Retail Promotion - Reach new listeners and fans through placement (of the Co-Op CD "Radio Now!" featuring your music) on US and International record store counter tops where the music sampler will be given away free for promotion.

Street Team Promotion - Reach new listeners and fans when your music (single) is given away on our Co-Op CD "Radio Now!" (featuring your music) at USA music related events (ex: music festivals, conferences, music venues)

Radio Promotion - Reach radio DJs when the Co-Op CD "Radio Now!" (featuring your music) is mailed out to interested radio stations along with a brief description about your music in the "Band / Artist Description Sheet".

Online Music Promotion - Through a dedicated web page about the Co-Op CD "Radio Now!" (featuring your music), plus your link on our web sites, random link generator, newsletter, and more.

PLUS we send the CD to magazine Writers, film & T.V. Producers, and A&R Staff from record companies. Note: You may include up to 2 songs on our Co-Op CD.

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*You get Great Exposure along with Potential Airplay, Reviews, and other Opportunities through College & Independent Radio Stations, along with Satellite, Online radio, Podcasts, Magazines, Record Companies, and Film & T.V. Production Companies looking for new music

*You get additional Exposure through Record Stores , music related events such as music showcases, music festivals, concert events, and/or music conferences.

*You get online Exposure from Internet Music Promotion through a dedicated web page about our project! We blast the page to hundreds of search engines. We also promote the Co-Op CD along with your music through our exposure on Myspace.com, Yahoo! Groups, Messageboards, the 3000 Records Newsletter, and 3000Records.com

*Includes at least 90 days of Exposure with your web site link included in our Random Link Generator located on the  Indie 360 web site (This Random Link Generator is also included on the 3000 Records web site, and BandLinks.org).

*An opportunity to make new Connections with the radio DJs and other Music Industry contacts, plus the other participating Bands & Artists

*Access to our list of independent radio stations, satellite radio stations, online stations, magazines, zines, online magazines, record companies, film & T.V. production companies    


NOTICE: This current music promotion project is available for participation on a first come first serve basis. Spaces limited per project..


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