NOTE: You can see the complete list of Bands And Artists we've worked with at www.3000records.com 

Here are just a few examples of college & independent stations, plus some magazines we currently promote to:

modern rock, alternative and indie internet radio"Hey guys, this is Chad from Indie Artist Radio. I wanted to say that for many years I have stuck by the opinion that "samplers" sent to radio stations are a huge waste of money for the sender and the artist. BUT I wanted to thank you for making me eat those words when I received your sampler. On the average samplers are just "crappy" in appearance and not something that screams "listen to me". I have to hand it to you for the quality work done on your sampler CD, it was nice to see something appealing come in the mail (and not weighed down with too much paper details). So Thank you for making a good product that appeals to radio. I even had to put a post on Sonicbids forums to tell artists how impressed I was with the quality, so good job and keep them coming :-)" - Chad, Indie Artist Radio www.indieartistradio.com


Radio SIRUP is in Siegen, Germany!  

"We always love discovering new bands and playing new artists!!. Looking very much forward to getting those CDs!" - Charlotte, Station Manager, Radio SIRUP


KAJX Aspen Public Radio is in Colorado, USA!

"We'd love to check out your records. We will play anything we like, that fits our formats. I am the Music Director here and will make sure these records get into the hands of the appropriate DJs." - Neil, Station Music Director, KAJX Aspen Public Radio

CKUL is based in Alberta, Canada! 

"I'm interesteing in reviewing new music." Mitz Takahashi, Station DJ, CKUL


3SER-fm is in Cranbourne DC, Australia! 

"Yes, we would like to have your material and I will maker sure it's promoted throughout the station" - David, Station President & Manager, 3SER-fm


Life FM is based in Middlesex, UK!

"I have a weekly 2 hour radio show on a local internet and RSL radio station in London, www.lifefm.org.uk therefore I can give your artists the airplay they need. Also the CDs will also be available to other DJs." Shantelle, Station DJ, Life FM

No Pigeonholes is based in Santa Rosa, California, USA!

"I welcome a healthy independent attitude. I do not play major label productions. "No Pigeonholes" broadcasts to the San Francisco and Monterey Bay Areas the second and fourth Sundays of each month from 3-5 PM on KKUP 91.5FM in Cupertino California. European broadcast and additional internet archiving by Radio Marabu in Germany." Don Campau, Program Director, No Pigeonholes

Magazine Examples:

Jam Rag is an independent Magazine based in Ferndale, Michigan. They send their magazine to locations throughout South East Michigan, USA!.


The Spill is an independent Magazine based in Ontario, Canada. They send their magazine to locations throughout the Toronto area.


Film & T.V. Production Company Examples:

 imageMTV, the one and only. We submit songs for consideration on "Cribs", "Diary", "True Life", "High School Stories," and much, much more.

"I can't wait to receive the CDs, I'll email you when I get them. I also wanted to let you know that I subscribed to the Free Music Report, what a great service!" Jeff Schneider, True Life Coordinating Producer, MTV Networks


Seven-Films is a small video production company that produces and distributes surf videos to the core surf market to the U.S., Japan, Australia and also Europe.

"Thanks for the quick response Terrance. I am stoked and I am looking forward to hearing your bands. Thanks again and take care." John Zanias, Producer, Seven-Films

Record Company Examples:

Ryko Disc is an established record company in business for over 20 years. They have signed Billy Brag & Wilco, Jeffrey Gaines, Fleetwood Mac, Fastball, Yoko Ono, and many many more.


8 Records is a Rock, and Heavy Rock label from Italy. They work with a handful of Bands and also release compilations.


Street Team Member Examples:

Josh Voinar is one of our previous Street Team Members.

"I have promoted every single band I have liked for as long as I've been alive. When I was a baby I would cry if the music sucked, and sleep if it was good, when I was a kid I would punch or kick anything if it was bad, and run around jumping and yelling if it was good. Then I became and adult and started making mix tapes and cds of artists I was into, and cursing the radio for not playing them. 15 years later I'm still at it. Hyping up my own group "Self Centered Representers" (type into any search engine, proof is in pudding) and creating an international network of sources and directories for all music needs. I would love to share this info with others as it was shared with me. Someones got to do all the hard work, just a couple of us, not everyone. Who does'nt like reaping the rewards of other peoples efforts? I know I do." Josh Voinar, 3000 Records Street Team

Joey Lowe is another one of our previous Street Team Member.

"I have been a Promoter for 4 years, I have promoted about 50-60 local shows, managed a local "Signed" Artist, ran a small label for 2 years, bands Include that I have promoted : Blitzkid, This Machine, The Complications, Ballistics, The Clap, Code Green, Mr. Monster, Theory X, Darkness Remains, The Heartbreak Kids, just to name a few, all promotion was handled 100% by my company..." Joey Lowe, 3000 Records Street Team


Note: Each quote on this page is accurate, and these quotes were not made up or solicted (asked for). The quotes were taken directly from communications with each person via email!


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