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Your Official Registration & Info. Packet For Participation


From: 3000 Records
P.O. Box 180902
Utica, MI 48318
Re: Info. Packet & Official Registration

Dear Artist,

Hello! We realize that you put your own valuable time, energy, and money into making quality music. It's completely understandable that you would want your music to be heard in an effective way. That is why we created "Indie 360", a project for All Music Genres and Styles including Pop, Rock, Hip Hop, Metal, Country, Acoustic, Electronic, Jazz, Blues, Gospel, R&B, etc. etc... USA and International Artists and Bands are welcome to include their music!


Scroll down to read through this Info. Packet for what's included, station examples, pricing, etc... and SIgn Up below!

We duplicate original music on a Co-Op CD (compilation) called "Radio Now!" and we distribute the CDs worldwide for promotional purposes.We also print Download Cards as a great tool for promoting music to new listeners. Think of "Indie 360" as a promotional vehicle that gets your music into the hands of people who can make a difference in your music career. Whether you have a few songs recorded or a "Single" off your CD, we can get your music noticed.

Since 1996 our label "3000 Records" has established valuable connections with Music Industry contacts throughout the world. Just type "Record Company" in Google or Yahoo! We come up on the very first page of Google next to Columbia Records, Atlantic Records, Interscope Records and others. 3000 Records is dedicated to helping Musicians. We have successfully organized quality compilation projects featuring music throughout the US and Internationally. Throughout the years 3000 Records has earned trust and worked with of thousands of Artists and Bands.

Feel free to get in touch anytime with your questions! You can also review The Questions and Answers Section and The Terms Of Agreement. Scroll down for complete info., and sign up today!

Warm Regards,

T. D. Schemansky & 3000 Records Staff
Phone: #1-888-Indie-360 or 1-586-480-3000 (mobile) 
or +.01.586.480.3000 (international)


I'm Ready! Include My Music On The Next "Radio Now!" Co-Op CD! (Add To Cart)

OR scroll down to read through this Info. Packet for what's included, station examples, pricing, etc...


You Work Hard On Your Music. Now Make It Count! Over the years we have found that those who choose to participate in our projects are already serious about their music! This is Not a contest where you submit your music for a mere "chance" to be heard. We do Not intend to sell your music, or retain ANY rights to your song(s). If you want an effective way to gain more exposure to radio DJs and other folks in the Music Industry, plus thousands of new listeners, that's exactly what we will do for you.

IT'S ALL INCLUDED: The Step by Step List of Services and Benefits!

  First we include your song on a Co-Op (compilation) CD called "Radio Now!" with professional quality studio equipment by a Studio Engineer. This includes matching your song's volume levels to the other songs on the CD.

  Next we add your song on One Thousand copies of the CD (including B&W printing on the CD, clear plastic sleeve, with a two panel glossy CD insert) to be used for promotion with other great Bands & Artists. We also include your information on a Band And Artist Description Sheet.

  Your song also becomes available on Seven Thousand download cards through Music Batch. The cards are used for promotion to new listeners who can download a digital copy of the "Radio Now" compilation. This is done through a "zip file" which allows for quick and easy download for users to load their MP3 players with new independent music. Indie 360 is the one and only way to get your music promoted with Music Batch by 3000 records!

  You get twenty (20) copies of the CD to sell for profit or give away to fans. You also get a copy of the Band & Artist Description Sheet for your reference. Note: We (3000 Records) will never sell this CD.

  You also get two hundred and fifty (250) download cards where your song will be available for download along with the other songs on the compilation. You can give these away as a promotional offer to fans at shows, or anywhere. These cards offer instant digital access to our "Radio Now!" compilations. Note: We (3000 Records) will never sell your music download.

  You benefit from great exposure along with potential airplay, reviews, and other opportunities when we mail out your song to our established Contacts within the Music Industry, including 175 college & independent radio stations, plus satellite, online radio, podcasts, magazines, record companies, and film & T.V. production companies looking for new music (each Music Industry Contact will receive 1 free copy of the Co-Op CD, and Band & Artist Description Sheet)

  You will have more opportunities for potential airplay, reviews, and other opportunities when we make digital copies of the compilation available through the one and only CD Register! This means even more airplay and promo opportunities through college & independent radio stations, plus satellite, online radio, podcasts, magazines, record companies, and film & T.V. production companies looking for new music 

  ...Along with additional exposure to new listeners when hundreds of copies of the CD are given away at record stores (from counter tops / racks / etc..), music related events such as music showcases, music festivals, concert events, and/or music conferences.

  Build new connections with the radio DJs and other Music Industry contacts, plus the other participating Bands and Artists

- Reach even more listeners from valuable cross-promotion (Every time another Band or Artist promotes with their copies of the Co-Op CD or Digital Download Cards). About 20 participants will get 20 copies of the Co-Op CD and 250 Digital Download Cards. That's up to 400 copies on CD and 5000 Download Cards in circulation through the participants alone!

 Your web site link will be included on our top ranking web sites and (this will allow people to easily find more info. about you and contact you If necessary) .

- You get additional online exposure through a dedicated web page about the CD at! We blast the page to over 100 search engines and directories online. We also promote the CD along with your music through our own company exposure online (ex: Google, Bing, Yahoo!, etc.) and thousands of contacts through email, and social media! 

COST: The cost is broken down into two payments to make things simple for your convenience. The first payment is a "Registration Fee" (or partial payment) to let us know that you are a Serious Artist that is committed to being part of our project. The second payment is your "Participation Fee" for completing your full payment within 30 days.

The Cost:
1.) Registration Fee -
2.) Participation Fee - $215
(This is Due Along with Your Music on CD or CD-R Within 30 Days.)

The cost breakdown is equal to about $.04 cents for each contact your music reaches on a physical CD or Download Card. That includes everything from the mastering and CD duplication (1000 copies), to the mailing (US and International) radio DJs, and other Music Industry, plus music fans who will receive copies through music retail, music related events, online promotion plus download cards (7000 copies), along with all participants who receive copies!

The Total Cost = Only
$265 (plus $4.95 shipping & handling). 

Yes, that's it.... and there are absolutely No Hidden Costs whatsoever.

SPECIAL OFFER: Include a 2nd song on the same compilation or future compilation for only $120! That's MORE THAN 50% Off available to those who register for our next compilation!

Register Today  to include your music on our next Radio Now! Co-Op CD!

Click Here To Sign Up!

Additional Products And Services (Optional): *The complete list of Music Industry Contacts we will promote this CD to. Each address is printed on mailer labels for your convenience ($30) *Digital mastering by a music studio Engineer offering high quality EQ, compression, and more to optimize the sound quality of your music ($40) 

Note: You only need to send us one copy of your song clearly labeled on CD or CD-R. We will take care of the rest. It is completely up to you how your song is recorded. Don't have a song ready yet? Check out 

YOUR SPACE IS RESERVED & 100% GUARANTEED WHEN YOU REGISTER:  We guarantee your space for our next project or your money back. The Indie 360 Co-Op (Compilation) CD project presents higher quality music to radio DJs and the Music Industry. We reserve the right to refuse service to those who we feel will not benefit from our best efforts. Therefore, we will not hesitate to send back your registration fee if we feel your music is not appropriate. In addition, if you are not satisfied with our services, you may request a full refund. Even if you decide you do not want to participate, we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee any time before the CD your song will be included on goes into production.

Click here For Our Questions and Answers Section.

See Examples of Radio Stations Where We Mail Music

We are available to answer any questions in person. Feel free to call 1-888-Indie-360 ext. 0 or 1-586-480-3000 mobile, or email 

(Credit card payments and checks or money orders are accepted. We also accept payments through PayPal.)

 Click Here To Sign Up!

Include My Music On The Next "Radio Now!" Co-Op CD! (Add To Cart)


Here are just a few examples of some of the Music Industry Contacts and Radio Stations we promote to:

modern rock, alternative and indie internet radio"Hey guys, this is Chad from Indie Artist Radio. I wanted to say that for many years I have stuck by the opinion that "samplers" sent to radio stations are a huge waste of money for the sender and the artist. BUT I wanted to thank you for making me eat those words when I received your sampler. On the average samplers are just "crappy" in appearance and not something that screams "listen to me". I have to hand it to you for the quality work done on your sampler CD, it was nice to see something appealing come in the mail (and not weighed down with too much paper details). So Thank you for making a good product that appeals to radio. I even had to put a post on Sonicbids forums to tell artists how impressed I was with the quality, so good job and keep them coming :-)" - Chad, Indie Artist Radio 


"We always love discovering new bands and playing new artists!!. Looking very much forward to getting those CDs!" - Charlotte, Station Manager, Radio SIRUP



"We'd love to check out your records. We will play anything we like, that fits our formats. I am the Music Director here and will make sure these records get into the hands of the appropriate DJs." - Neil, Station Music Director, KAJX Aspen Public Radio


"Yes, we would like to have your material and I will maker sure it's promoted throughout the station" - David, Station President & Manager, 3SER-fm


"I have a weekly 2 hour radio show on a local internet and RSL radio station in London, therefore I can give your artists the airplay they need. Also the CDs will also be available to other DJs." Shantelle, Station DJ, Life FM


"I welcome a healthy independent attitude. I do not play major label productions. "No Pigeonholes" broadcasts to the San Francisco and Monterey Bay Areas the second and fourth Sundays of each month from 3-5 PM on KKUP 91.5FM in Cupertino California. European broadcast and additional internet archiving by Radio Marabu in Germany." Don Campau, Program Director, No Pigeonholes


"Thank you! We just started listening to Volume 8, loving the music. We'll be sure to let the artists know when we start introducing the music. Thanks always for the great music! Best, Michiko and Chris, Yellowbeat (Japan Radio)


Click Here.. And Reserve Your Guaranteed Space Instantly! (Add To Cart)

Indie 360 will save you plenty of time, energy, and money. It takes valuable time, energy, and money to establish connections through phone calls and emails with radio DJs and music industry contacts... Factor in the cost for printing and duplication of your song (single), and then mailing it in a bubble wrap envelope to established contacts in the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, and even Japan. It adds up really fast! That's not even including all the additional time, and work when we give away copies of the CD for promotion at various retail store locations and music related events... WAIT! Let's not forget about the promotion using  Download Cards through Music Batch and digital copies of the compilation promoted through the one and only CD Register! This is a smart and easy way to get your music heard, and get results. OK! Sign me up already!


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