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INDIE 360 was put in motion by independent record company 3000 Records. We promote all styles of music from Rock to Hip Hop and everything else. The label was established in 1996, and is currently used to help independent Bands & Artists get more exposure.. We welcome quality "radio friendly" music of all music styles. We save time, energy, and money for those who participate by mailing their music (song) to interested radio DJs and other Music Industry contacts and Fans. By creating a  Co-Op CD (Compilation)  titled "Radio Now!" and using copies as a tool for promotion, this is not only a fun project, but makes complete sense! We distribute our Co-Op CDs by mailing them worldwide to Radio Stations, Magazines, Record Companies, Film & T.V Production Companies, and Record Stores. We also give away copies at Music Events such as Music Showcases, Music Festivals, Concert Events, and/or Music Conferences. See Examples 

In addition, we use Download Cards to promote the artists on our Co-Op (Compilation) CDs for even more exposure!

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Each Band & Artist gets copies to Give Away to their family, friends, and fans so there is plenty of cross-promotion to all the participants in this project. This means when one Band or Artist on the CD Sells or Gives away their copies of the CD, they are not only promoting themselves, but all Bands & Artists on the CD, and vice-versa. One major benefit of this project is everyone pooling their resources together, and giving copies of the CD to people who are genuinely interested in the music. Artists also receive Download Cards to give away at shows or anywhere!

Distribution: We distribute Co-Op CDs and Digital Download Cards around the 360 degrees around the world for promotional purposes only!

Including: North America (USA and Canada), Europe, Australia, and Japan.

Since 1996... 3000 Records has been involved in putting together quality Co-Op CDs featuring independent Bands and Artists. The first Co-Op CD was put together in Kalamazoo, Michigan with flyers and word of mouth. Actually, after losing a promised spot on a Co-Op CD,  Terrance decided to start up my own record company (3000 Records). He says, "The first project was a real struggle, and it's still not easy. It is still very rewarding to help other Musicians though. Here it is 10 years later, and Bands and Artists from around the world are gaining recognition with through my independent record company 3000 Records" (through INDIE 360!)

This is a unique service that will help you as you work to build your music career. We hope to keep improving our methods and efforts used to organize, and distribute CDs. We are open to all styles of music, so the CD may contain a large variety of music styles. We work with quality music that is radio-friendly. If you feel that your music is appropriate for independent US and international radio, then you are welcome to register to reserve a spot.

Our goal is to provide a unique promotional outlet that helps Bands and Artists just like you to reach your goals. Through real work, and dedication we have a proven track record of making a difference in the careers of Musicians from around the world. We hope to work with you on our next music promotion project.

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RADIO STATIONS (DJs) - Request Free Music          MUSIC FANS - Join Our Street Team

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