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A Revolutionary Music Distribution Project by 3000 Records

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Joining the digital download revolution is easy with our Digital Partnership Program. We are offering a "sound" solution to get your music distributed around the world. We are accepting new Bands & Artists from every music genre.

Once your music is submitted, and accepted, the distribution and promotion will be provided free of charge. You will get paid royalties on every download we sell for you. The royalties are 20% Distributor (3000 Records) and 80% Band / Artist (You)! Our agreement is non-exclusive so you will keep 100% rights to your music.

> Submit your music on CD or CD-R.

Send to:

Att. D.P.P.
3000 Records
P.O. Box 182482
Shelby Twp., MI  48318

- Include a $20 submission fee for each full length CD you would like distributed, or $5 for each individual song (whichever is less). Once your music is submitted there are no additional fees. You will receive complete label support and representation by 3000 Records once your music is accepted.

Make checks or money orders payable to 3000 Records. To pay by credit card visit 

By submitting your music, you will also receive an exclusive $20 discount towards participation in the Indie 360 Project! Get complete information at 

Note: CDs or CD-Rs will not be returned. Please do not send your master copy.


Question: What can I expect as a Digital Download Partner?
Answer: Primarily, we want to sell downloads of your music! Think of this as your own team of workers busting their butts to earn a commission off of your music. Besides paying you a nice royalty for each download,
we will work to get your music promoted online.
The time consuming work is done for you, including  the uploading of your music, and set up work. In addition, you get an exclusive $20 discount on participation in the Indie 360 Project.

Question: How much will I get paid each time one of my songs is downloaded?
For every one of your downloads that is sold, you will get 80% of the profit margin (the profit margin varies depending on where the download was sold and for how much) retained from 3000 Records. 3000 Records will keep just 20% of this amount. This service is completely free once your music is submitted and accepted. You will NOT have to pay to sign up at the download sites we will sell your music through!

Question: Where will my song downloads be sold?
Answer: 3000 Records will work with many companies to get your song downloads sold. Our biggest Client is currently where 750,000 music fans visit each month as a music community. Your song downloads will also be available at True Independent, a brand new music download site run by dedicated Musicians and Music Fans. As we expand into the download market, we will make your music available through other download companies and web sites! We will keep you updated, and you may also contact us at any time for updates!

Question: Can I sell downloads through other companies and web sites?
Answer: YES. Since our agreement is non-exclusive
you can work with any download companies and web sites you choose!
 You will keep 100% rights to your music.

Question: How do you select music for digital distribution?
Answer: We screen all submissions and make
selections based on song quality, vocal and instrument quality, and recording quality. The music does NOT have to be professionally done. We are simply looking for good music.

Question: What kind of music is accepted?
We accept every music genre.

Question: What happens after I submit my music?
Your music will be considered for digital distribution, and you will be notified within 2 weeks if your music has been accepted. Your submission fee WILL BE refunded if your music is not accepted for digital distribution.

If you still have questions please get in touch by calling 1-888-463-4336 toll free for US Calls. For calls from all other countries: 1-586-480-3000 Or email

Click Here For A Printable Copy Of This Information


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