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A Revolutionary Music Download Project!

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Joining the digital download revolution is easy with our Digital Partnership Program. We are offering a "sound" solution to make your music available digitally around the world. We are accepting new Bands & Artists from every music genre.

Service Description: You will receive your own web page to sell your digital downloads, including music uploading services and account set up. You will receive complete label support and representation by 3000 Records for one full year once your account is set up.

You will get paid 100% of the profit for every one of your downloads that gets sold. The Terms of Agreement are non-exclusive so you will keep 100% rights to your music. Just imagine the possibilities!

Cost: Just a $20 submission fee for each CD you would like to sell through our Digital Partnership Program. Once your payment and music is submitted, there are no additional fees.

Sign Up: Simply fill out the form below to get started!

(Credit card payments and checks or money orders are accepted. We also accept payments through PayPal.)



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Question: What can I expect as a Digital Download Partner?
Answer: You will get your own web page at True Independent. They are located online at where your music will be made available in downloadable format. Besides making you money for each of your downloads that gets sold, we will work to get your music promoted online. The time consuming work is done for you, including the uploading of your music, and set up work.

Question: How much will I get paid each time one of my songs is downloaded?
Answer: For every one of your downloads that is sold, you will get 100% of the profit. There will be no additional charges for one full year once your account is set up.

Question: Where will my song downloads be sold?
Answer: Your downloads will be sold at
True Independent. 3000 Records will work to promote your music and help get your downloads sold through several locations online that will direct web visitors to the location of your song downloads.

Question: Can I sell downloads through other companies and web sites?
Answer: YES. Since our agreement is non-exclusive you can work with any download companies and web sites you choose! You will keep 100% rights to your music.

Question: What kind of music is accepted?
Answer: We accept every music genre.

Question: What happens after I sign up?
Answer: Your access code will be created for the Digital Partnership Program, and you will be notified within 74 hours of your access code to begin your account set up process.

If you still have questions please get in touch by calling 1-888-463-4336 toll free for US Calls. For calls from all other countries: 1-586-480-3000 Or email 

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