Est. 1996

An Independent Shared Record Company!




Worldwide Music Promotion Service. This is done through serious exposure on our Co-Op CDs titled "Radio Now!" and "Push Play" Each of these CDs are promoted to separate regions around the world. Both CDs contain many genres of music with Bands and Artists from many different countries. Interested in participating? Find Out More


Do you currently have your own CD out? Take the Next step..Get listed with CD Register and make your CD available to radio stations, magazines, film & T.V. production companies, and record companies! Find Out More


Top US and International acoustic acts will eventually be in demand for the new CD to be titled "Acoustic Blend". Currently this is just a concept. This is a project that will be used for retail distribution, and tour distribution. "Acoustic Blend" will be by invitation only. You may submit your music for consideration by sending a CD or CD-R  to PO Box 180902, Utica., MI 48318.