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An Independent Shared Record Company!

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3000 Records is an organization that operates as a "shared" record label. Each artist that is invited to participate in a CD will be an equal share holder of the CD itself. Each artist on the CD will keep the rights to their music. This is for invited artists from around the world (signed and unsigned). If you are not signed, and are later offered a recording contract, or any other offer (management, promotion, etc....), there are no obligations on your part to 3000 Records. If you are already signed, you will be completely free of obligations on your part to 3000 Records as well.

The CD will be promoted to a Specified List of contacts in the music industry. We will also promote the CD through a Featured Web Page on our site, and our page located at Also: The CD will list a notification that your full length CD is available online. Note: Press run will initially be up to 1,000 copies depending on CDs requested.

Participating artists on the CD are encouraged to promote the CD. When you promote a 3000 Records CD compilation, you're not only giving yourself exposure, your also promoting other artists on the CD..... and vice versa! See the Distribution Chain.

Participating artists are encouraged to sell their share of copies available. CDs may be sold using the various methods the participant chooses (through distributors, consignment, internet, etc....) Invited participants on the CD may purchase copies of the CD at wholesale (plus shipping) See Pricing. The recommended sale price is $10.99 each and up to $15. Copies of the CD may be given away by participants to friends, music industry contacts, and others for promotional purposes. Each participating artist will keep all profits from the sales of their copies.

About the CDs: Volume levels of each song will be matched (equal) during the digital mastering process. CDs will be of a high quality including the following: Professional graphic design - 2 color disc printing - 2 page booklet - Packaging in jewel case.


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