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A Record Deal - by Terrance Damian      how to get signed     how to get a record contract     how to get a record deal

I recently read an article that states that in order to be a professional Musician you must have a record deal. As a professional Musician, I must disagree. Saying this is like saying to be physically fit and in good physical condition, you must have a gym membership. Just as there are many ways to be physically fit (eating healthy, running, sit ups, etc...), there are many ways to be a professional musician. Getting in great shape and staying in shape takes time and dedication, and so does "being" a professional Musician. Choosing to "be" professional is only something you decide, not a record company, your family, or friends, or American Idol.

You can also be your own record company while being professional Musician at the same time. When you release your own CD and sell it at gigs, through independent music stores, and online, you are in fact a record company. How successful you are depends on many factors such as your talent, practice, stage presence, ambition, marketability, attitude, etc... With the right combination, and the right timing your music just might sell. If your music will sell at least 30,000 copies, then you can be sure that someone will want to sign you and help you take things further.

Many people wonder how to get a record deal but very few understand the reality of what steps to take. Even if you could snap your fingers and have a record deal, would you really know what to do with it. Would people really flock to your shows, and run to the store to buy your CD? The truth is that even if you are extremely talented, it's still hard to sell out shows, and sell thousands of CDs. The bottom line is that if you want to be in the music business you are going to have to start at the bottom and work hard. Record companies aren't handing out record deals like candy on Halloween. Those who get signed and get a "big break" are far and few in between. Don't wait around for a record deal when you could be developing your talent, performing, selling your own CDs, and building your fan base.

Today there are so many great resources for unsigned Musicians to get their music heard. If you are willing to record and promote your own music you will be much further along in this business. Moving forward means putting one foot after the other, and every step counts. One day you might look back and see how far you have come, all because you decided to keep moving and not get stuck... And there are about a zillion reasons to get stuck but don't give up.

Remember, if you want to be in the music business then be a business person too, not just a Musician. Your fans are your customers. Treat them right, and they will keep coming back!

So.... if you want a record "deal" then play your cards right. Start with practicing at local open mic nights in your area (coffee houses, bars, etc...). Write quality music. Record in a professional quality studio when you are ready.... Then press up your CD and sell it everywhere you can. By doing this you are giving yourself your first offical record deal... Then you will be in a much better position to approach other record companies who may want to offer a recording contract.


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